BBC Local Radio

Channel number

BBC local radio stations are available on Freeview - services listed will vary depending on your region. A current list of channels is below. You can find out all of the TV and radio channels available in your area by using our coverage checker.

Channel 719

BBC Berkshire
BBC Bristol
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire
BBC Jersey
BBC Kent
BBC Leeds
BBC Manchester
BBC Newcastle
BBC Norfolk
BBC Solent

Channel 720

BBC Devon
BBC Herford & Worcester
BBC Lancashire
BBC Nottingham
BBC Suffolk
BBC Sussex
BBC Three Counties
BBC York

Channel 721

BBC Cornwall
BBC Cumbria
BBC Guernsey
BBC Humberside
BBC Leicester
BBC Radio London
BBC Shropshire
BBC Wiltshire

Channel 722

BBC Cambridge
BBC Lincolnshire
BBC Merseyside
BBC Oxford
BBC Somerset
BBC Surrey
BBC West Midlands

Channel 734

BBC Essex
BBC Northampton
BBC Sheffield
BBC Solent Dorset
BBC Stoke

Channel 735

BBC Derby
BBC Gloucestershire