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The story’s in the detail

With 15 high definition channels, Freeview HD lets you tune in to the finest details of your favourite shows. We love HD, and we think you deserve the best experience at no monthly cost.

HD Channels on Freeview

To view these channels you will need a TV with Freeview HD built in, or a HD-ready TV connected to a Freeview HD recorder.

With Freeview coverage greater than ever, all the channels below are available to around 75% of UK homes.

Can I get Freeview?

Also available: With a Freeview Play TV or Freeview Play Recorder you can get even more out of Freeview HD channels and TV on demand.




Smart TVs

Many Freeview HD TVs are now smart TVs – you simply connect them to the internet to enjoy the UK’s most popular on demand services and most have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube apps.

More about smart TVs

Streaming channels

With most Freeview HD TVs and smart TVs you can now receive a number of bonus channels streamed directly over the internet.

See the streaming channels

Discover Freeview HD products

With Freeview there’s a whole world of HD entertainment waiting for you. With great picture quality and engaging sound, you can choose from a range of Freeview HD TVs and Freeview HD recorders.  

See all products

Freeview HD is available from

Freeview HD top questions

How much does Freeview HD cost?

Freeview HD is a free service, just like the rest of Freeview but you do need Freeview HD equipment to watch in HD. There’s no contract, no monthly costs and you can get up to 15 HD channels depending on the coverage at your address.

To access these channels through your aerial you’ll need either a Freeview HD TV or a Freeview HD Recorder. Prices for Freeview HD TVs start at around £200 with HD recorders starting at £140. Follow this link to find out more about the product range available.

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What can I watch on Freeview HD?

Once set up with your Freeview HD TV or Freeview HD Recorder, you can enjoy a wide range of HD programming. With up to 15 HD channels including BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD Channel 4HD and Five HD you can tune into every detail of the nation’s favourite shows.

To find out if your favourite shows are available on Freeview HD, check the TV Guide or download the Freeview TV Guide app available on iPhone, iPad or Android for free

*the number of channels available is subject to Freeview TV coverage at your address.

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