Find your hidden inspiration

See things you've never seen before in crisp, clear HD.

Jump into another world

A lifelike high definition picture draws you into the action.

Discover a new species

Explore the world around you with vivid colours and natural detail.

Freeview HD: lose yourself in your favourite shows

With amazing detail and beautiful, natural colour, high definition is the best way to experience Freeview. And best of all, it’s for £0 a month.


The story’s in the detail

High definition enhances every aspect of your picture, from the twinkle in the eye of the hero to every star in the night sky. It means you can immerse yourself in TV like never before.

HD Channels on Freeview

To view these channels you will need a TV with Freeview HD built in, or a HD-ready TV connected to a Freeview HD recorder.

Channels below are available to approximately 70% of UK homes. Check your channel line up here.

Can I get Freeview?

Also available: Choose a Freeview Play TV or recorder to get loads of great catch up straight from the TV guide – and you get all the Freeview channels too.


Smart TVs

Many Freeview HD TVs are now smart TVs – connect them to the internet to enjoy on demand services.

More about smart TVs

Streaming channels

Since 2012, most Freeview HD smart TVs and recorders can receive channels streamed over the internet.

See the streaming channels

Discover Freeview HD products

A whole world of HD entertainment is waiting for you. Choose from a range of TVs with Freeview HD built in or pick a Freeview HD Recorder to connect to a HD-ready TV. Get the sound treatment too with a sound bar or home cinema system.

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Freeview HD is available from

Freeview HD top questions

How much does Freeview HD cost?

Freeview HD is a free service, just like the rest of Freeview. There’s no contract and no monthly bill and up to 12 HD channels depending on coverage at your address.

However, you will need to have either a Freeview HD TV or Freeview HD Recorder. Prices for Freeview HD TVs start at around £300. Find out more about the product range available.

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What can I watch on Freeview HD?

Once you have Freeview HD equipment you can enjoy the perfect picture quality of your favourite shows on up to 12 HD channels including BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD and Channel 4HD as well as more than 60 Freeview channels in standard definition – all subscription-free.

To find out what programmes are available on the HD channels you can use this handy TV Guide. There’s also FreeviewTV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android (free, of course), for you to use when you’re out and about.

*the number of channels available is subject to Freeview TV coverage at your address.

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