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Smart TV

Welcome to Smart TV – your access to a world of entertainment by connecting to the internet straight from your TV, seamlessly streaming content through your broadband connection.

Catch up on your favourite TV with BBC iPlayer, watch videos and TV shows on YouTube for free.  Supplement your viewing with films and TV series via paid services such as Amazon Prime, NowTV and Netflix**.

Most Freeview HD TVs are now Smart enabled, so in addition to 12 great HD channels and up to 60 standard channels* you can now have lots more entertainment at your fingertips. Or add a Freeview HD recorder to an exiting HD TV. Find out about our products here.

Check out the latest Smart TV ranges from the leading manufacturers:

This site (managed by the BBC) has more options to help you get your TV connected online:

Connected TV

*All channels subject to coverage – check coverage at your address

**Services vary between products so check before you buy.

Streaming channels

Since 2012 most Freeview HD products have been able to deliver extra channels using an internet connection. So if you have a connected TV go to channels 225 – 239 to see what is on offer.

Highlights include:

  • Connect TV channels covering a range of subjects

What do I need?

To access Smart TV you need to connect your Freeview HD TV or recorder to the internet (Smart TV is not available with standard definition Freeview products).

Freeview HD TV?
Freeview+ HD Recorder?

Have you got a home broadband connection?

You need at least 2 Mbps. Then simply connect your Freeview TV or recorder to the internet to get TV on demand now. Check your product manual for more information on this and see the overview below.  You have three options to connect your Freeview HD TV or recorder.

Ethernet Plug

Ethernet Cable (recommended)

The most reliable way to connect is with an Ethernet cable. These are best suited if your broadband router is situated near to your Freeview HD TV or recorder.

Homeplugs Adaptors

Homeplugs Adaptors

These enable you to safely and conveniently connect by sending the broadband signal round your house using your existing in-house electrical wiring.



Some TVs and recorders now come with Wi-Fi built-in so check before you buy.  Others can be connected using a USB dongle.


For more help on how to connect your Freeview HD TV or box, ask your retailer for more information or contact a digital installer in your area

Smart TV products

If you are buying a new TV then most large TVs from the big brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Toshiba are smart TVs – check before you buy.

For an existing TV your best bet is a Freeview+ HD recorder: only some are smart enabled and services can more limited so check before you buy.

See Smart TV products