Platform management

The Freeview platform is managed and supported by Digital UK Limited, working closely with a range of partners to provide a great viewer experience.

Freeview is a 'horizontal' platform, meaning that rather than controlling the whole service end to end, we work closely with a range of partners to provide a great viewer experience.

These include TV and set-top box manufacturers, multiplex operators, TV channels, on-demand content providers, schedule providers, the transmission provider Arqiva, retailers, aerial installers, trade bodies and many others.

The spirit of partnership is critical to our operating model - read on to find out more about Digital UK's responsibilities.


The spirit of partnership is critical to our operating model.

Reallocating the airwaves

Following a decision by the government, some airwaves used by Freeview are being reallocated to allow for the future development of new mobile broadband services. 

About 700MHz clearance

Clearance events in 2019

Clearance events in 2020

TV Transmitter

Freeview electronic programme guide (EPG)

We are licenced by Ofcom to provide the Freeview electronic programme guide (also known as the EPG or TV Guide). We assign channel numbers, coordinate channel launches and changes, and ensure there is correct information available about channels and programmes.

Viewer support

We provide support to viewers who need it, via the Freeview Advice Line, social media channels, the Freeview website, and Channel 100 on Freeview TVs.

Technical specifications

We create technical specifications for Freeview Play televisions and set-top boxes, and work with manufacturers to give viewers access to exciting new features.

Content providers

We help on-demand content providers to launch on the Freeview platform, and work closely with them to ensure viewers can find great content through Search and Recommendations


We manage the Freeview website and Freeview mobile app.

Technical work

We coordinate technical work that affects the Freeview platform, for example, the 700MHz clearance programme.

DTT channel and multiplex listings

A list of the latest Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) channel and multiplex listings for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

View channel listings


Explore Freeview Play

Find out which areas are affected

Maintenance and development of terrestrial TV services sometimes require engineering work on transmitters. See details of current planned engineering works and find out which areas are affected.

See planned engineering works

Close-up view of a TV transmitter