What we do

Freeview is a 'horizontal' platform - rather than controlling the whole service end-to-end, we work closely with a range of partners to provide a great viewer experience.

Our partners include set-top box manufacturers, multiplex operators, TV channels, on-demand content providers, schedule providers, retailers, aerial installers, trade bodies and many others.

Our main activities are as follows:

Freeview electronic programme guide (EPG)

We are licenced by Ofcom to provide the Freeview EPG (or TV guide). We assign channel numbers, coordinate channel launches and changes, and ensure there is correct information available about channels and programmes.

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Viewer support 

We support viewers via the Freeview Advice Line, social media channels, the Freeview website, and Channel 100 on Freeview TVs.

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Technical specifications

We create technical specifications for Freeview Play TVs and set-top boxes, working with manufacturers to give viewers access to exciting new features. 

If you're a manufacturer or content provider interested in joining the platform, get in touch with our business development team to find out more.

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Content providers

We help on-demand providers launch on the Freeview platform, working closely with them to ensure viewers can find great content through Search and Recommendations

How to launch a channel

Freeview platform, website and mobile apps

We coordinate technical work that affects the Freeview platform, for example the 700MHz clearance programme.

We also manage the Freeview website and Freeview iOS and Android mobile apps