My device is telling me it's found a new channel – what should I do?

Many TVs and boxes are programmed to let you know if they detect a new channel or a service change by sending a pop-up message that appears on your screen. 

All you have to do is use your remote control to choose whether to store this channel or ignore it.

How can I know if channel changes are happening? 

You might see on-screen messages advising you to retune on a particular date if there are upcoming changes to TV signals. You can enter your postcode in our Freeview Channel Checker to see if any changes are scheduled and what channels are affected.

Some equipment may just retune automatically, but if yours doesn't or you find you're missing channels on or after this date, you’ll need to retune your TV or set-top box to get them back. For more advice on retuning see our related content below.

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