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Yes, most TVs and set-top boxes will let you set programme reminders.

How to do this depends on your TV or set-top box, but you usually just have to go to your TV Guide, choose the TV show that's airing in the future and then click on it using your remote control.

You'll then be asked if you want to set a reminder, and if you select Yes, an alarm clock symbol will appear. Then you'll be reminded when the show is about to start, usually via a pop-up message that appears on your screen.

User manual instructions

If this doesn't work, there will be instructions in your TV or box's user manual.

If you can't find the user manual, make a note of the model number and search on the manufacturer's website. Most have individual manuals that you can download or read online. If yours doesn't, it's best to contact the manufacturer directly or to ask at the retailer where you bought your device.


How do I set a reminder?

You can set the reminder by pressing on the alarm clock icon under the programme title and date. You can toggle the reminder on or off by pressing this alarm clock icon.

How do I view reminders?

To view your set reminders, open the My Freeview section of the app. From here you can view your set reminders by pressing the See All button to the right of the Remind Me section.

This will show you all reminders viewable by day. To view another day's reminders simply select that day from the calendar.

To delete a reminder, swipe left on that programme reminder.

Can I change the notification time for reminders?

Yes you can. To set this, open the Settings menu by pressing the cogwheel icon at the top right of the screen in the My Freeview section. Then in the Settings menu, select the Reminder Notice option.

From here you can set the following notification timeframes:

  • 1 minute before
  • 5 minutes before
  • 15 minutes before
  • 30 minutes before
  • 1 hour before
  • 24 hours before

Please bear in mind that the default reminders are set at 5 minutes. Any changes to the timeframe will only affect future reminders that are set after the change.

Can I set series reminders?

Currently setting a series reminder is not possible. However, you can set reminders for the current day and up to seven days ahead. This allows you to set your viewing schedule weekly. Once set up, you can use the new Plan my week feature from your My Freeview to review your choices.

I’ve set reminders but can no longer see them, why?

If you're viewing reminders after the programme has aired they will disappear from your list.

Changing region can also affect your set reminders due to variations within the TV schedule.

If you've changed region and seen that a programme has disappeared just change back to the previous region. Once you've done this, the reminders can be viewed in the Remind Me section under My Freeview.


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