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You'll find the TV Guide through the Guide or TV Guide button on your TV or box's remote control.

Most devices let you open the guide in either EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which lets you scroll horizontally across to see what's on later, or Guide, which tells you what's on now.

Of course, you can also access the TV Guide through Freeview Play, the Freeview mobile app and via our website.


The TV Guide is in the centre of the menu along the bottom of the Freeview mobile app (called Guide). Simply tap it to open.

You can switch between what's on right now and the full guide by tapping the triple bar icon in the top left corner on the Guide. You can also view a single channel's schedule by tapping on that channel's icon.

Favourites and reminders

You can add a channel to your favourites from the TV Guide by double-tapping or long pressing the channel icon (the heart icon will appear filled in).

You can also set reminders. Just scroll to the programme you want to watch in the TV Guide and tap on it, then tap the clock icon.

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