I have a software upgrade message on screen. What do I do?

Posted March 25, 2013 - Coverage and channels

Some boxes have a particular function which allows manufacturers to send software upgrades to their products. The downloads are usually sent to add new features to your box or to fix bugs in the software. You can check to see if a download was sent to your box by accessing the Digital TV Group (DTG) website.

Unfortunately DTG are only administrators of the airtime and cannot assist with technical enquiries from the public. If you do have any problems you will need to contact your manufacturer.

What’s a ‘software upgrade’ or ‘software update’?
Digital boxes are like PCs in that the software they contain is constantly evolving. Just as you can download software updates over the Internet to upgrade software on a PC and fix ‘bugs’, you can do the same with a digital box – except it is broadcast over the air alongside the digital TV signals in an ‘over-air-download’.

Most of the latest boxes will alert you of when there will be a broadcast update with a message on your TV screen and all you need to do is follow the instructions on your TV or it may even automatically update your digital box.

You can find the schedule of over-air downloads planned for specific manufacturers for this week on the Digital TV Group website.

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