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Why is my TV not receiving a signal from the digital box?

Posted March 25, 2013 - Setting up

Do you have the correct channel selected on the TV? Check that you have selected the correct source channel, usually called “AV” or “EXT” or “source” Your TV’s user manual will tell you how to find the AV channel if you are unsure.

source channel

Check your cables, connections and leads. If you need help setting up your equipment, we have some basic information on this site, but your user manuals will contain more detail for your particular box and TV.

It is possible that you have the wrong specification of SCART lead. All SCART leads used with digital boxes must be of the ‘fully featured’ type. If your lead was not included with the box, you should check that it is the right kind.

Check that your box is not on standby or power saving mode.

Is your aerial connected correctly? If you can see the welcome or start screen but can see no channels, this may be the problem.

Try restarting your equipment if you have checked all of the above. If you are still having problems, you will need to contact your electrical retailer or the manufacturer of your equipment.


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