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Why does my recorder sometimes miss the beginning or end of a programme?

While all broadcasters try to keep their programmes in their time-slots, occasionally things overrun, particularly with live broadcasts, such as sports coverage.

Some equipment may allow you to extend recording times manually, but currently most equipment will not adjust automatically.

Top Tip:

If you see something you’re recording has a live event before it, a way to ensure you definitely catch the end is to also record the programme that’s on afterwards.

How do I record, pause and rewind live TV using a Freeview HD Recorder?

It couldn’t be easier.

To record
From your onscreen TV Guide use the arrow keys to highlight what you’d like to record. Select it and you will be given options to record the programme or even the whole series. All Freeview HD Recorders have a seven day programme guide so you can choose what to record well in advance.

To pause
To pause live TV all you do is press the Pause button on the Freeview HD Recorder remote control. Then press Play to start watching again.

To rewind
If you miss something when you’re watching live TV just press rewind and you can watch it again. (This only works on the channel you are watching.)

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What’s the Freeview HD Recorder green button for?

Sometimes you will see a green button on your screen during a trailer for a Freeview HD programme. Don’t want to miss the programme when it comes on? Pressing the green button on your Freeview HD remote at this time will allow you to record it, or even create a series link to automatically record the rest of the series.

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