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The Freeview mobile app is now available on Android devices. So, if you are an Android user, you can now watch your favourite Freeview channels wherever you are, and it is just in time for the Love Island final. You can download it here.

You might have already seen the app on iOS devices, but here’s a reminder of what it can do.


Watch anywhere

Whether you’re trying to stay awake on your commute, or plonked on the sofa and in need of a second screen, all you need is your phone, the Freeview app and a data connection or wi-fi. Suddenly you’ve got the UK’s best-loved TV at your fingertips – completely free! You’re never more than three taps away from your favourite shows.

Easily see what’s on right now

No matter when you get the chance to tap into the Freeview app, you’ll instantly be able to see what’s showing on TV at that moment. Opening straight into the What’s On section of the app, you can simply scroll up and down through a handy visual guide. A progress bar even tells you how much of the programme has been on already, so you’re forewarned whether you’re about to steamroll into a spoiler.

But it’s not just about the now. If you want to know what’s coming up just swipe to the side and you can check what’s next. Simple.

Content is handpicked for you

Sometimes it feels like there’s almost too much choice, and there’s not always someone nearby to tell you what you should be watching; how have you missed that?; you must’ve been living under a rock, etc. Freeview can be that friend (without the judgemental baggage).

Tap On Demand for a curated selection of binge-worthy shows such as Killing Eve, Love Island or Drag SOS. In fact, there’s the choice to filter into 10 genres, such as Comedy, Drama & Soaps, or Kids – be prepared to lose your phone to any Peppa Pig-obsessed littl’uns in the vicinity.

You’ll even find the odd topical category popping into the carousel, such as World Cup (roll on 2022, when it’s undoubtedly coming home) or Doctor Who.

Plan your viewing

If you’re the type to live life by a calendar rather than a spontaneous role of fate’s dice, you’ll love the Freeview apps’s 15-day programme guide. You can plan what you’re going to watch today – and also scroll through the week ahead.

You can even set reminders or double-tap a channel to add it to your Favourites, then filter the guide according to the channels you like the best.

But life doesn’t always go to plan, or pesky holidays get in the way – and that’s when you’ll want to swipe back through the guide to the previous week. Anything available for catch-up is clearly flagged, so you won’t miss out.

Search is your friend

You know roughly what it’s called – Cold Hands, Cold Legs maybe? – but you can’t spot it in the guide. Argh, stupid fallible memory! Don’t bust a brain cell trying to remember; just start tapping the name into the app’s search bar.

The search function is ultra-fast and intelligent, so it’ll start making suggestions as you type, whether you’re looking for a show on now, or on demand. You’ll be watching Cold Feet in no time.