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Monster Week is back on Blaze with even more must-watch documentaries. From giant cats prowling the British and Australian countryside to werewolves in America, sea monsters and of course Big Foot, the week will feature hunters who become the hunted, terrifying encounters, and teams of dedicated, passionate experts with modern technology to track down these elusive creatures. Keep reading to find out what you can watch on Blaze and when. 

On The Trail Of Bigfoot

In this investigative series, documentarian Seth Breedlove takes you on a journey into North America’s most isolated forests in search of the legendary Bigfoot .

Monday to Thursday from 28th August at 9pm

Best Of Monsterquest

A collection of the most memorable MonsterQuest investigations as the team look to uncover the truth that may lurk behind some of mankind's most incredible legends.

Weekdays from 28th August at 8pm

Big Cat Britain Declassified 

Big Cat Britain Declassified explores new evidence, new theories and traces the story of Britain's mystery big cats as far back as the Roman Empire and the reign of Henry VIII . Experts, professionals and academics apply the latest technology and forensic science to the investigation .

Sunday 3rd September at 8pm

The Hunt: In Search of Australia's Big Cats

Big cats in the Australian bush are often dismissed as an urban myth – but the mystery and legends surrounding the animals just won’t go away, with almost daily sightings reported over the last few years . Expert Vaughan King , the former big cat keeper at Australia Zoo has teamed up with veteran researchers John Turner and Simon Townsend to investigate recent sightings of these elusive predators .

Sunday 3rd September at 9.50pm

American Werewolves

Across the heartland of America, ordinary people are reporting encounters with what may be real-life Werewolves. Is there more to the myth of upright canines than we thought? Hundreds of people have come forward to share their own terrifying encounters and a pattern begins to emerge.

Friday 1st September at 9.50pm

Evil Encounters

Evil Encounters seeks out personal accounts of paranormal experiences in the great outdoors . Combining first person interviews with gritty dramatic recreations, the series brings haunting and horrific tales to vivid, chilling life.

Saturday 2nd September and 9pm and 10pm

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