Why do you need to know my location?


Your location will determine where you get your TV signal from, and the channel line-up in your area. 

To check your Freeview coverage and available channels, just enter your postcode in our Freeview Channel Checker.

When you set up your device, you'll be asked to select your TV region. This will help to determine what regional programming you'll receive (for example, the regional news services on BBC One and ITV).

What if more than one regional service comes up?

In this case, you may be getting your TV signals from more than one transmitter.

First, check to see if your preferred service appears lower down the TV guide, in the 800s. If it does, and your box or TV has a Favourites function, you can save these channels so you can easily find them again.

If it doesn't, you need to manually retune your device and select your preferred frequencies, if available – follow our step-by-step guide here.

In a small number of cases, your preferred region may have a weaker signal, which can affect your picture quality. In this situation, and if the manual retune hasn't worked, it's best to get some advice from a qualified aerial installer – visit the following websites to find one local to you:

Remember, it's always a good idea to get more than one quote.


We need to know your location to make sure you get the correct channel line-up and relevant programme information for your region.

Just follow the set-up process to enable your device’s geolocation services, or manually enter your postcode.

On the move?

Even if your device has location services switched on to detect your location, your TV region won’t change automatically as you move around the country.

So if you're travelling, you can manually reset your location from the settings menu in the app. To find this, go to the My Freeview section of the app, press the cogwheel icon top right and tap on Region.

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