Can I get Freeview HD if I have a shared or communal aerial system?

Posted March 25, 2013 - Getting Freeview HD

Freeview recommends asking your landlord or management company to check with the aerial system installer to see if you are set up to receive Freeview HD.

A small number of people in flats with shared aerial systems may find that filters within their system actively filter out the frequency used to broadcast the HD channels. These filters will need to be changed to pass the Freeview HD signal to each individual household.

The households which are affected by this problem will receive a weak Freeview HD signal or missing HD channels, but other standard channel reception should be fine.  The experience may vary between adjacent flats, depending on how the aerial system has been installed.

You may want to try Freeview HD before having an aerial survey carried out.  If you do, make sure you buy the equipment from a retailer with a refund return policy.



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