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Products and features

What does ‘HD Ready’ on my television mean?

The ‘HD Ready’ logo means that a television screen has sufficient resolution to display high definition pictures. However, if you have an HD ready TV it doesn’t mean you can automatically receive Freeview HD services, or that you are watching in HD already. You will still need the right kind of receiver, which will be included in a Freeview HD box or recorder, or Freeview Play Recorder.

Look for the Freeview HD logo in store or ask your retailer.


How do I contact the manufacturer of a Freeview product?

If your TV or recorder is misbehaving, you may need to get in touch with the manufacturer. Below you’ll find links to the websites and support contact numbers for the manufacturers of Freeview products.

Goodmans website

Bush website
Support (part of Argos support)


Humax website

LG website

Panasonic website

Phillips website

Call ASDA customer relations: 0800 952 0101

Sharp website

Sony website

Toshiba website


Can I watch Freeview on my computer?

Yes. Although Freeview is not broadcast over the internet, you can receive TV on your PC using a USB tuner, a PCI card or by buying a PC with Freeview built-in.

A USB TV tuner plugs into a USB port on your computer and converts the digital signal you receive through the TV aerial into a format that your PC’s media player can play on screen. You can receive all the Freeview channels in this way but may not be able to receive the interactive services.

Some new PCs already have Freeview tuners built in and the latest models will also handle interactive services.

You can also buy TV tuner PCI cards that slot inside your PC. An example would be the Hauppauge Win PC Nova-T TV Tuner.

Don’t forget though that you still have to be in a Freeview coverage area for this to work. So, check your coverage first.

Does Freeview have a parental lock facility?

All programmes are broadcast without viewing restrictions.  Some digital boxes and TVs have a parental lock included in their specification, meaning that you have control over what can be viewed.  You should check your manual or speak to your electrical retailer for more information.

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Can I get high definition TV (HDTV) on Freeview?

Yes. 98.5% of the population across the UK can access high definition television through Freeview HD.

To watch up to 15 Freeview HD channels (including the UKs most popular programmes) you will need either a Freeview HD TV or if you have an HD Ready TV then add a Freeivew HD Recorder (or Freeview Play Recorder). It is worth remembering that most new flat-screen TVs from the big brands now come with Freeview HD or Freeview Play already built in.

Find out more about Freeview HD and Freeview Play


What is Freeview HD with Smart TV?

Most Freeview HD TVs are now also ‘Smart TVs’. This means that they will give you all the standard Freeview channels and HD channels, but also, if they are connected to the internet, can provide you with a host of other entertainment options, including TV ‘on demand’. They will allow you to watch services such as BBC iPlayer, access videos on YouTube or use paid services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. The full range of Smart TV options available to you will depend on the particular make and model of your television. These Smart services are also available with some Freeview HD Recorders if you already have an HD TV.

Our own Smart TV service, Freeview Play, allows you to catch up on demand directly from your TV Guide. This is available in all the latest Panasonic TVs and most LG TVs from September 2016.

To access any Smart services (including Freeview Play) you will need a home broadband connection (over 2Mbps). You will then simply need to connect your Freeview HD TV, Freeview HD Recorder or Freeview Play device to the internet.
Find out more about Freeview HD with Smart TV.

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Can I access any ‘pay’ channels with Freeview?

‘Pay’ channels are available from other companies in addition to the Freeview service. The core idea behind Freeview is that all the channels are free and there’s only a one-off payment for the equipment and no contract.

Other companies offer extra content such as sport, movies, entertainment, children’s programmes etc. on a subscription or pay per view basis and you’ll still receive the Freeview channels for free. These include Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime which offer extra programming through TVs or boxes connected to the internet. You will need the right equipment to receive their channels and services. These companies are run separately to Freeview, which remains a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing free digital TV.

Can I record Freeview programmes?

Yes, and the easiest way to do it is to get a Freeview HD Recorder or Freeview Play Recorder. You buy the box, plug it in and then you get to choose when you want to watch your favourite TV.

With a Freeview HD Recorder you record a show by clicking on the TV Guide, highlighting and then selecting the show you want to record. Choose to record a single programme, or a whole series. You can also pause and rewind live TV, meaning you never need miss a moment.

All of this is at no monthly cost after a one-off payment of as little as £100 for the box.

Find out more about the Freeview HD Recorder and Freeview Play range.


Do I pay a subscription to get Freeview?

No. There’s no monthly cost and no contract to sign. Just a one-off payment for the equipment.

All you need to do is check you are in a Freeview coverage area before you buy a digital box or digital TV. To do this use our coverage checker.

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