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With the UK in lockdown, we are all looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained.

If you are thinking about starting a new craft or making a start on a DIY project, we have rounded up the TV shows that can teach you new skills as well as providing plenty of inspiration along the way. 

Grayson’s Art Club, Coming soon to Channel 4

Grayson Perry wearing a colourful dress, in front of a mirrored building


Turner Award winning artist Grayson Perry, is launching a new show to help those of us who are at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown find our creative side. Aimed at the average Joe rather than ‘the art world’, Grayson will give lessons for beginners on drawing, painting and sculpture. It’s not only about having some fun, Grayson is also hoping to be able to create an exhibition of viewers’ work, to eventually provide a valuable snapshot of experiences from the pandemic. So, you may well find yourself becoming an exhibited artist once lockdown is over. 

Kirstie: Keep Crafting and Carry On,  Weeknights 5pm, Channel 4

Kirstie Allsopp in front of a mantelpiece full of ornament


Queen-of-craft Kirstie Allsopp learns new crafts and skills to help us navigate the unique times we're living in, making the most of what she's got at home. On weeknights at 5pm, Kirstie kicks off the series making a patchwork cushion, a paper garland and a bug hotel. 

Dick and Angel's Make Do and Mend, Coming soon to Channel 4

A four part craft and DIY series from Dick and Angel Strawbridge offering tips and tricks for families looking for imaginative ways to solve DIY dilemmas with what they have to hand. Dick and Angel will be asking people what kind of projects they need help with and creating bespoke solutions alongside some home projects of their own. 

The Repair Shop, BBC iPlayer

A group of four wearing aprons around a table with a number of old items on such as on old shop till and a typewriter


Nestled deep in the British countryside is The Repair Shop, where a team of Britain's most skilled and caring craftspeople rescue and resurrect items their owners thought were beyond saving. Together they transform priceless pieces of family history and bring loved, but broken treasures, and the memories they hold back to life. Whether you are thinking of fixing something up yourself, or in the midst of having a clear out, this show will give you plenty of inspiration. 

Craft it Yourself, All4 

Two men and a woman stood looking at the camera with a mountainous background


This gentle series explores the joy of craft, and the resurgence of making things by hand. Each episode takes an in depth look at different techniques, with the presenters getting to try their hand - making a woven bench, lamps, blankets, and a four poster bed. 

Craft Party, BBC iPlayer

A group of 6 children with arms around each other smiling at the camera


If you are stuck for ideas to keep your kids entertained, Craft Party should help. This fun series focuses on a different type of party in each episode, with ideas for Pirates, Superheros and Beach parties. While a party in the traditional sense is not possible right now, hopefully the fun you will have creating these outfits and games, will make it feel like one. 

Escape to the Chateau DIY, All4 

Dick and Angel Strawbridge and their kids on the grand stairs of their Chateau


Okay, so we know you don’t have a Chateau - but this is a lovely series, and if you are looking for design inspiration - there is plenty. With guest rooms, bathrooms and kitchens all getting the Dick and Angel treatment, lovingly transforming crumbling ruins, into dream wedding venues. 

Kirstie’s Celebrity Craft Masters, All 4

Kirstie Allsopp with Mark Dolan and Susan Calman


In this series, Kirstie puts famous faces to the test with some tough craft challenges, featuring the likes of Susan Calman, Jenny Eclair, and Mark Dolan. With Kirstie’s guidance you can pick up tips on how to create cat coil baskets, side tables, plaster clocks, garden ornaments, and even faux taxidermy. 

DIY SOS, BBC iPlayer

Prince Harry in a hard hat on DIY SOS


You know the drill (yes - pun intended), this heartwarming show is in it’s 30th series, but it’s no less entertaining. Catch up on past episodes with Prince Will and Harry, and pick up loads of tips for your own projects on the way. 

Brojects, UKTV Play

Two men in hard hats with the word 'Brojects' in pencil between them


Kevin and Andrew Buckles engage in zany DIY projects at their 'mantuary'. The crafty brothers build a souped-up swim raft for chilling out on their lake, outdoor showers, an outdoor hot tub, and a pizza oven. 



An entire TV channel devoted to hobbies, craft, and art. Whether you're looking to get into sewing, knitting, embroidery, jewellery making, or painting - Hochanda has something for you. With programming showing off the latest kits that you can buy, and with exclusive deals for viewers, tune in to see what takes your fancy. 

Create & Craft 

Yet another destination for inspiration, education and crafty shopping, Create & Craft is on air 24 hours a day, giving you the latest deals and helping you choose what to try next.