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Christmas is on its way! And if you're looking for a way to spend some quality time together, we’ve compiled a selection of the very best family-friendly films you can find for FREE on Freeview Play. Keep reading to find out what’s on offer.

Daddy's Home 2, Channel 4

Comedy sequel starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow. There's trouble in store for the extended family when Dusty and Brad's fathers stay with them for Christmas.

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Nativity!, BBC iPlayer

Comedy starring Martin Freeman and Ashley Jensen. A teacher brags that his ex, a Hollywood producer, is thinking of turning his school's Nativity play into a film.

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Early Man, BBC iPlayer

A Stone Age tribe is threatened by bronze-mining invaders, led by greedy Lord Nooth. To win back their home, they challenge these more sophisticated folk to a game of football.

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The Boxtrolls, ITVX

Ben Kingsley and Jared Harris lend their voices to this quirky adventure comedy. An orphan sets out a daring plan to save the lives of his misfit (and pretty mischievous) pals.

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Paranorman, ITVX

Light-hearted comedy horror about a boy who is misunderstood by his family, but who has a unique ability to talk to ghosts & zombies. Can he save his town from an old curse?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Channel 4

Part-animated action-comedy starring Megan Fox. Can four six-foot-tall, super-powered mutant turtles and journalist April O'Neil save New York from the violent criminals the Foot Clan?

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Turbo, ITVX

Ryan Reynolds & Paul Giamatti are the star voices in this comic animation about a super-fast snail who tries to compete in the Indianapolis 500.

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Stick Man, BBC iPlayer

Animated film based on the much-loved children's picture book. Stick Man tells the tale of a happy-go-lucky father's epic journey to make it home in time for Christmas.

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Think Like A Dog, Channel 4

Family comedy with Megan Fox. A young science prodigy who is trying to navigate adolescent life invents a way for his pet dog to communicate with him, using tech and telepathy.

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Bill, BBC iPlayer

Family comedy from the performers of Horrible Histories. Young Bill Shakespeare leaves Stratford to follow his latest dream, to be a playwright in London.

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Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon

When an alien crash-lands near the farm, Shaun has to help her return home before the Ministry of Alien Detection discovers her. 

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