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Football might just be coming home, and we want to make sure you have got the best possible viewing setup - here’s everything you need to know before Sunday's historic game. 

First off, how to watch?

BBC and ITV will both be broadcasting the final on Sunday, with coverage starting at 6:30pm on ITV, and 7pm over on BBC.

BBC has confirmed it will have Sir Geoff Hurst pitchside at Wembley, the 79 year old scored the iconic World cup final hat-trick at Wembley 55 years ago. ITV have not yet confirmed its specific plans, but if you enjoyed Sam Matterface's and Lee Dixon's joyous commentary over the semi-final, they'll be back in force on Sunday. 

Watch in 4K or HD

The BBC will be broadcasting the match in UHD over on BBC iPlayer (or 4K), so if you have a 4K TV make sure you are ready to make the most of it. The BBC only has limited spaces available for the UHD stream, so you will need to get in there early - as soon as coverage begins most likely! If you miss out though, do try again throughout the match as places may free up. 

If you don’t have a 4K model, then you can still see the match in HD via BBC One HD on Channel 101, or via ITV HD on Channel 103.

Restart the Action

If you are running a couple of minutes late for the game, then BBC iPlayer’s Live restart feature will let you jump pack to the beginning of the match without having to wait for it to end; you just need to press Watch from Start. 

Make the most out of your TV

Make sure you have your TV on all the right settings with our two handy guides for picture and sound. 

How to improve your TV's sound

How to improve your TV's picture

Keep everyone happy 

If you’re not in a household full of football lovers, then you can try to keep the peace with the Freeview mobile app - it’s a one stop shop for live and on demand content from our channels, so you can sit back and enjoy the game without any arguments! 

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