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The Martian, 9pm, Friday 15th May, Film 4

Matt Damon wearing a space suit against a red sandy backdrop

Matt Damon stars in Ridley Scott's drama about a NASA astronaut who's left behind on Mars when the mission is aborted and his crewmates think he died in a sandstorm. It’s a mesmerising watch with a great soundtrack to match.

Made in Dagenham, 10:30pm, Saturday 16th May, BBC4

Group of women colourfully dressed celebrating outside a court

Comedy drama charting the fight of female factory workers at the Ford Dagenham plant for equal pay. In 1968, one determined factory worker leads her colleagues out on strike in the hope of eradicating unfair working conditions and sexual discrimination. 

A Room with a View, All 4

Helena Bonham Carter and Julian Sands leaning towards each other

A complete classic, Helena Bonham Carter stars in this Merchant/Ivory film as an innocent on holiday in Florence, where a meeting with Julian Sands leads to romance.

Moonlight, All 4

Young boy stands looking out on to the horizon

Oscar-winning drama tracking the life of an African-American man growing up in Miami dealing with the challenges of parental neglect, bullying, drugs and sexuality.

Nowhere Boy, All 4

Aaron Johnson as John Lennon, with his hair greased back carrying a guitar

Sam Taylor-Johnson's biopic about the early years of John Lennon's life. Starring Aaron Johnson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Anne-Marie Duff and David Morrissey, the film shows us John Lennon’s journey from growing up in working class Liverpool to forming one of the biggest bands in history.

Darkest Hour, BBC iPlayer

Gary Oldham as Winston Churchill

Catch Gary Oldman’s Oscar winning performance as Winston Churchill. Set in May 1940, as Nazis advance against Britain's European allies, newly elected prime minister Winston Churchill must decide whether to leave neighbouring countries to their fate, by striking a peace deal with Hitler, or fight on against terrifying odds for the greater good. .

The King’s Speech, BBC iPlayer

Colin Firth stands doing vocal exercises

Another Oscar-winning drama. The story of Prince Albert, Duke of York, expertly played by Colin Firth, who employed an Australian speech therapist to help overcome his stutter so he could address the nation.

The Deer Hunter, BBC iPlayer

Man in orange jacket holding a rifle

Filmed in 1978, The Deer Hunter is widely regarded as a cinematic masterpiece. Starring Robert de Niro, John Savage and Christopher Walken, the film tells the story of three friends from a steel town in Pennsylvania who are drafted to fight in Vietnam, finding themselves in a war in which there are no rules but survival.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, BBC iPlayer

A couple stand on a beach dressed in smart clothes

A heartwarming drama. Set in London, 1946, author Juliet Ashton's career has taken off, but she is not enjoying promoting her detective stories to eager audiences on a book tour. When she receives a letter from a Guernsey pig farmer inviting her to attend a meeting of his literary society, she eagerly accepts. What Juliet discovers about her new friends and their secrets leads to her staying on the island much longer than she planned.

Love & Mercy, BBC iPlayer

Brian Wilson sits by a pool in summery clothes

Biographical drama. At the height of success with his band The Beach Boys, musical genius Brian Wilson begins to suffer from mental illness, which is not helped by his experiments with LSD. A decade later, Wilson is in the grip of shady psychotherapist Eugene Landy, whose extreme treatment is causing further deterioration, until the day he decides he wants a new car.