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Chocolate eggs may be the first thing you buy at Easter, but it’s also a good time to hunt down a home cinema deal.

We’ve checked out the best discounts from all the major retailers to separate the golden eggs from the hollow bargains. Here’s what we found.

Richer Sounds Philips Ambilight deal


If you want to upgrade your TV without spending £1000 or more, this Philips 50PUS6703 deal from Richer Sounds gets our vote.

It has all the techy bells and whistles you want from a new set in 2019, like Freeview Play, HDR support and 4K resolution, plus a special Philips extra. We’re talking about Ambilight. 

The Philips 50PUS6703 has multi-colour LEDs on three of its sides. These project onto the wall behind the TV, matching the tones of on-screen content. As well as looking neat, this significantly increases perceived image contrast, making movies and those gripping TV dramas seem more engrossing. And all for just £399. 

An affordable LG soundbar at Currys


Here’s a top pick for those after Dolby Atmos-enhanced surround sound without huge expense or a total living room redesign. The LG SK8 2.1 is a slim soundbar and wireless subwoofer combo.

Put the main unit under your TV, and hide the subwoofer away from view to keep your living room feng shui in check. The soundbar has four active drivers; two point to the side, two point up. This provides 3D-like sound from a bar that slots neatly under 50-inch TVs.

Its original price was £499, but you can buy one for £349 over Easter.

The LG SK8 2.1 does not just rely on a connection to your TV either. It has wi-fi, Chromecast support and Bluetooth, so can stream music from your phone.

The best of OLED at Richer Sounds

pana OLED

TVs are never short of new tech. But if you want the most cinematic images for a movie night, OLED TVs still get our vote.

Richer Sounds has an offer on the excellent Panasonic TX55FZ952B. It’s a 4K OLED with a 55-inch screen, still the size sweet-spot for most UK living rooms.

The set is listed at £1599, which a price you’ll find across the web. However, use the 'RSTV80' promo code and you’ll snag a further £80 discount.

Panasonic’s OLED TVs offer finely tuned processing that beats most rivals by improving colour tone and motion handling. The Panasonic TX55FZ952B is also one of the best-sounding TVs around. It has a built-in 'Blade' speaker system radically more powerful than those built into the average ultra-slim set.

It also has Freeview Play, which aggregates content from all your favourite catch-up services.

This Panasonic TX55FZ952B earned top marks from several of the world’s top TV reviewers.

Sleek Sony surround at John Lewis


Want to get a little more serious? John Lewis has a great deal on the higher-end Sony HT-ZF9 soundbar, at £768.

A quick Google search may not make this seem a true bargain, but John Lewis includes the add-on wireless surround speakers. It’s a real £100 saving.

Like the LG SK8, convenience is a major factor here. The Sony HT-ZF9 main soundbar fits under your TV and has separate central, left and right drivers for spatial clarity, as well as up-firing ones for Dolby Atmos 3D 'height' in film soundtracks. Its subwoofer and rear speakers are all wireless. You get 7.1.2 movie-ready sound without any trailing cables.

LG OLED home cinema package at Sevenoaks


The competition among retailers selling OLEDs TVs is fierce, but Sevenoaks has one of the better LG OLED55C8PLA deals we’ve seen recently.

You get LG’s top-rated 4K 55-inch OLED TV, complete with Freeview Play and USB recording, and a LG WK7 smart speaker thrown in. This is a little like a Sonos One, but has sound tweaked by Meridian Audio and Google Assistant support.

Make sure to use the 'GDTV100' promo code to get the all-important £100 discount, to bring the total price down to £1499.

The full home cinema experience at Peter Tyson


Hi-fi favourite Peter Tyson has a couple of great deals on 'traditional' surround speaker systems. These tend to offer greater scale and dialogue clarity, and deeper bass, than a soundbar package.

The Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 Plus is our pick of the bunch. This is a stylish-looking satellites-and-subwoofer setup that, at £649, is £100 cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere.

Q Acoustics’s surround systems have won countless awards, renowned for their sheer value for money. Those new to home cinema should bear in mind a system like this is fully wired-up, and requires an AV receiver.

Find out more about Freeview Play.