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Next week is UFO Week on BLAZE, with a whole week of dedicated programming, starting on Monday 22 March. Each day BLAZE will be delving into another alien mystery, from UFOs, to secret CIA investigations, to signs of ancient alien invasions. Take a look at some of the key shows below.

Unacknowledged, Monday 22 March, 9pm, BLAZE 

In this one off special, Dr. Steven Greer presents brand new top-secret evidence in the form of witness testimonies, classified documents, and UFO footage, to imply that there has been extraterrestrial contact with Earth. Unacknowledged focuses on the historic files of Greer’s ‘Disclosure Project’, which was founded to investigate how and why UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced.

Aliens at the Pentagon, Tuesday 23 March, 9pm, BLAZE 

A command team looking at a rocket launch


Nick Pope, the UFO insider known as “The Real Fox Mulder” of X-files fame, provides shocking and revelatory insight in this one-off special. Using his experience and knowledge from his former job at the Ministry of Defence,  Pope lifts the lid on the secretive workings of the CIA’s real life X-Files unit, regarding the alien presence on Earth, and the ramifications it would have on our society.

Ancient Aliens, Thursday 25 March, 10pm, BLAZE

black and white image of a sky with a UFO flying across it


Alien expert Giorgio Tsoukalos, is back with a new season of Ancient Aliens to examine our deeper past and explore the most credible evidence of alien visitation of Earth throughout history. The new series focuses on the release of government documents in 2017, which looked at top-secret UFO projects that took place.

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