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After a 100-day hiatus, the Premier League returns this week, and it’s certainly back with a bang.

For the first time in the league’s history, a third of the matches will be broadcast on free-to-air television. 

Sky will be broadcasting 25 matches via the Freeview channel Pick TV, the BBC will be broadcasting 4 matches, and Amazon Prime will be showing another 4. So that’s 33 games you can watch for free.

We’ve rounded up the fixtures you can watch for free here, and will keep this page updated as soon as more are announced. 

Date Time Match Channel
Tues 7 Jul 6:00pm Watford vs Norwich Pick - Channel 11
Thurs 9 Jul 6:00pm Bournemouth vs Tottenham Pick - Channel 11
Sun 12 Jul 12:00pm Wolves vs Everton Pick - Channel 11
Sun 12 Jul 7:00pm Bournemouth vs Leicester Pick - Channel 11
Mon 13 Jul 8:00pm Man United vs Southampton Pick - Channel 11  
Wed 15 Jul 6:00pm Burnley vs Wolves BBC
Wed 15 Jul 6:00pm Man City vs AFC Bournemouth Pick - Channel 11
Thurs 16 Jul 6:00pm Leicester City vs Sheff Utd Pick - Channel 11
Sat 18 Jul 5:30pm Norwich City vs Burnley Pick - Channel 11
Monday 20 Jul 6:00pm Brighton vs Newcastle United Pick - Channel 11

Players have often said that they get motivation from the fans, but equally, some critics think it could bring a better, more technical edge to the game. If the German Bundesliga is anything to go by, it could mean the end of the much discussed home advantage, levelling the playing field and, yes you guessed it, meaning it’s all to play for.

While there will be more viewers than ever, the matches will be playing out in empty stadiums. The broadcasters have confirmed that they will be using crowd noise from Fifa 2020 for viewers at home, but for the players there is no doubt that the lack of fans will change the game. 

Either way, getting the right atmosphere at home is more important than ever, so while we will leave the decorations, the snacks and the drinks to you, check out our guide to setting up your TV for the perfect viewing experience, so you can be sure that you won’t miss a second of the action.

How to set up your TV for the best viewing experience

There's also tons of other sport available to watch via Freeview Play, with the BBC's Wimbledon Relived, the FA cup, and highlights from both London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games. 

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