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Getting ready for Halloween? We have collated our pick of the best horror films and series for you to watch now over on Channel 100, our On Demand gateway available on Freeview Play devices. 

As there is so much available we have rounded up some of the favourites to help you choose.

Fright Bites, Available on All4

Fright Bites Halloween

Fright Bites Halloween 2019

Six sinister shorts that will chill you to your core. Each episode is less than 5 minutes, which makes them perfect for a Halloween party. From classic ghost stories to scary clowns and a real life tickle monster, there is something to scare everyone.

Sleep Tight, Available on All4

Scary zombie

Sleep Tight Halloween 2019

In every town there is something strange no one wants to believe. Sleep Tight is a horror anthology that follows a young woman determined to document the first hand accounts of people who have survived unimaginable horrors that range from the real to the supernatural. The deeper she gets in collecting the stories of these survivors the more she is confronted by the memory of her own nightmare that she cannot escape.

Prevenge, Available on All4

Prevenge Halloween

Prevenge Halloween 2019

Humour-tinged gory horror starring Alice Lowe, After a tragedy, a woman who is pregnant with her first child is seeming instructed by her unborn baby to commit a series of brutal murders.

The Mummy, Available on Horror Bites

The Mummy

The Mummy Halloween 2019

A horror classic. An archaeology team discover the tomb of an Egyptian princess, guarded by an undead mummy who will avenge all who desecrate the site. The Mummy is full of great atmosphere and, as you might expect in a film where the protagonist has been dead for five thousand years, this is a story dripping in terror, dread, madness, murder and the terrible power of the occult. It’s also a poignant romance.

The Sand, Available on Horror Bites

The Sand

The Sand Halloween 2019

After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of hung-over twenty-somethings awake to a beating sun, and a seemingly carnivorous beach that devours anything with a heartbeat that touches the sand. 

If you have a Freeview Play device there is loads more to choose from on Channel 100, and you can also find more on HorrorBites – our on demand player devoted to Horror.