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10 shows your kids will love this summer

Posted July 19, 2019 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

School is officially out for the summer! But do not panic, take a look at our pick of the best kids TV shows  – so you can make sure you plan in some vital relaxation time (for you and for them!).


Super Wings, Tiny Pop, every day at 9.30pm and 6pm

Join Jett the jet plane on his travels around the world while he delivers packages to the children.

As you can imagine, on every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that he and his friends the Super Wings must work on to solve. 

To top it all off, the Super Wings aren’t just regular airplanes, they have the ability to transform from planes into amazing heroes who can run, climb, lift, dig and even dive deep under the sea. 


PJ Masks, Tiny Pop, every day at 7.30am and 5.30pm 

Every superhero needs a costume but for the PJ Masks their costumes are also their Pyjamas. Once the sun goes down, and the city is dark, they slip into their PJs, activate their PJ Masks wristbands and their superhero work begins! 

It’s not just an adventure the PJ Masks are after, with night time comes the baddies and the PJ Masks must work together to put things right and prevent the baddies from spoiling the fun. 


ALVIN!!! And the Chipmunks, POP!, every day at 1pm 

Watch as David Seville tries to raise six hyper-active Chipmunks as his children. Join Alvin, Simon and Theodore and the sassy Chipettes, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor as they test David’s patience, with songs and other fun antics, making him end most sentences in “ALVIN!!!”.


Dragon Ball Super, POP!, weekdays at 7pm 

It is the third series of this Japanese Anime following Goku and his friends on their mission to bring peace not just to Earth, but across the planets. This series Goku gains the powers of a god, and is able to travel around the solar system defeating powerful enemies. 


Pokemon: Galactic Battles, POP!, weekdays at 6.30pm 

As the menace of Team Galactic continues to loom over the Sinnoh region, Ash and Dawn keep getting caught up in the schemes of this mysterious group of villains—as well as facing some other unexpected challenges! Dawn’s got her hands full dealing with the many problems of her Pokémon, while Ash’s ongoing rivalry with Paul finally comes to a head in a full 6-on-6 battle! It might be the ultimate test of training styles—will our heroes come out on top?


Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, POP!, every day at 10.30am 


Marinette seems to be a normal teenage girl – she dreams of becoming a fashion designer, is a bit awkward and has a crush on a classmate. But she has a secret other teenagers don’t have – she lives a double life as a crime-fighting superhero known as Ladybug.

She uses her superpowers to help protect her native Paris from supervillain Hawk Moth. She is assisted, reluctantly, by fellow hero Cat Noir, even though she insists she doesn’t need him. Together, Ladybug and Cat Noir help keep Paris safe from Hawk Moth and other villains. 


On Demand Picks 

Digby Dragon, My5

Digby is an dragon who lives in the magical land of Applecross Wood, with a group of friends. These friends include creatures typically found in real-life forests, as well as a variety of magical trolls. There are two series available on My5 now.


The Worst Witch, BBC iPlayer

Mildred Hubble lives an ordinary life with her mum Julie, until the day that Maud Spellbody crashes her broomstick into their balcony and nothing is ever the same again. 

Maud introduces Mildred to Cackle’s Academy – a school for young witches set high on a mountaintop. Under the watchful eye of friendly headmistress Miss Cackle and scary deputy Miss Hardbroom, Mildred begins her training, but no matter how hard she tries, her spells have a habit of going badly wrong. 

The entire boxset is available on BBC iPlayer now, so your kids can follow the entire adventure. Will Mildred always be the worst witch?


The Pets Factor, BBC iPlayer

Stacey Dooley visits practices around the UK to see how vets Cat, James, Rory and Cheryl care for our furry friends. We see the vets help out at a donkey sanctuary, save a pregnant dog and her pups, and even perform operations on their own pets. The entire series so far is available on BBC iPlayer, with new episodes airing on Mondays. 


Gym Stars, BBC iPlayer

This series visits the lives of some of the UKs most promising gymnasts, and the road leading up to international success. The first series is on BBC iPlayer now, and the second series is airing on Sundays and Tuesdays. 


If you are looking for more inspiration, head over to Channel 100 on your Freeview Play TV to browse our handpicked recommendations in the Kids category

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