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4 Flicks On Freeview To Creep You Out This Halloween

Posted October 28, 2016 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

Pumpkins on display, children patrolling the streets in hunt of sweets, and last year’s costume dusted off. You’re already in a spooky mood, so we’ve got your Halloween chills covered on TV. The Horror Channel plays host to some genre-defining flicks, but we’ve also uncovered some hidden nuggets of terror across the spectrum of channels.

Fright Night (1985)
Film4 – Oct 31 at 10.45pm

Despite playing up to every horror cliché in the genre, Fright Night manages to make it work. Dancing on the line between satire and shock, Roddy McDowall’s performance as a TV show host carries the endearingly dodgy script. With fantastic effects from the team behind Ghostbusters, for us it’s got more guts than the 2011 remake.

Scre4m (2011)

5 Star – Monday 31 October at 11pm

Even with the absence of gore, Scre4m’s unique self-aware take on the genre lives up to its lineage. 15 years after his birth, the ghostface killer makes an entertaining fourth rampage through Woodsboro.

Clown (2014)
Horror Channel – Wednesday 2 November at 11.35pm

Horror royalty Eli Roth steps up from the director’s chair and back onto the screen, unashamedly exploiting the natural terror of creepy clowns – to moderate effect.

Antiviral (2012)
Horror Channel – Sunday 6 November at 10pm

With a particularly peculiar premise. Brendan Cronenberg’s Antiviral makes a not-so-subtle comment on our obsession with celebrity culture. In this reality, the public are given the opportunity to inject themselves with the illness from a celebrity of their choice. Yes, seriously.

Certainly weird, but David Cronenberg’s offspring pulls it off. His dad must be proud.

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