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4 Series Not To Miss This Winter

Posted October 21, 2016 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

We’d never dare suggest I’m a Celebrity or Strictly are uninspiring. But perhaps they are a little familiar. Why not acquaint yourselves with some unknown shows and freshen your screen this Winter? With Halloween right around the corner, our first two picks are sure to keep all blood-thirsty viewers sated.

Rillington Place

BBC One – October 2016

BBC One’s new three part drama follows the grizzly John Christie murders, and the man wrongly framed for them. Tim Roth leaves Hollywood behind and dusts of his ‘Lie To Me’ British accent to depict the chilling serial killer, believed to have murdered 8 women in his Ladbroke Grove home circa 1940/50s.

All wasn’t what it seemed when one of the victim’s husband was unjustly convicted and hanged. Dubbed a tragic miscarriage of justice, Rillington Place is sure to be an eerie and well-polished series.

Rillington Place

Dark Angel

ITV – October 31 at 9pm

Dark Angel portrays the unrelenting, emotionless murders of one of Britain’s most infamous female serial killers: Mary Ann, played by Downton Abbey’s innocent Lady’s maid Joanna Froggatt.

Armed with Arsenic and a ruthless thirst for wealth and fresh beginnings, she was a force to be reckoned with. And you thought the Victorian era was just frocks and poor sewage?

The two part drama Dark Angel airs at the end of this month.

Close to the Enemy

BBC Two – November 2016

Close to the Enemy is aptly named. The seven part period drama, set in a post WWII bomb-damaged London follows Jim Sturgess as officer Captain Callum Ferguson. With the Cold War looming and WWII still resonating, his final task for the Army lies within the power of persuasion, but with an unlikely character.

Where one war ends, another begins. Catch the six part historical period drama next month.

Humans: Season 2

Channel 4 – October 30 at 9pm

Last year Humans flipped artificial intelligence on its head. Forget Siri’s flat, uninspiring tone, or the old-school stereotype that robots are simple and monosyllabic. The green eyed humanoids injected real emotion onto our Televisions and left us with nothing but curiosity and the age-old question, what if they actually existed?

Maybe we’re not far away from androids putting our dinner on the table. In the meantime Humans hits our screen at the end of this month.

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