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Best TVs – 2017

Posted May 26, 2017 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

Freeview is all about value so most often we concentrate on the remarkably good but more affordable TVs and recorders on the market.  But every so often we like to let our hair down and look at the latest objects of desire.  So here is our round-up of some of the most breathtaking TVs around, including some with Freeview Play built-in.


LG Signature W7 Wallpaper OLED TV
Quite clearly the coolest TV on the market right now, the new LG “Wallpaper” OLED sets a new standard for design and picture quality.


At 2.57mm thick and hailed by Stuff’s Tom Parsons as “the most striking TV the world has ever seen” with “the best picture quality money can buy”, the W7 turned every head in the building at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Loaded up with LGs latest webOS 3.5, rather than moving over to Android like other manufacturers, LG continues to run one of the most user-friendly TV operating systems on the market.

Now, top tier design and picture doesn’t come cheap. The 65-inch version of this will set you back a cool £7,999.00 from John Lewis, with the 75 inch coming in at a flabbergasting £25,000. Stuff also point out that LG uses the same OLED panels and processing for its whole OLED range. So in theory, the picture should be identical across the cheaper models. With that in mind,  what the price tag on the W7 really buys you stunning design, impressive sound and a glimpse of the future of TVs. If you’re more concerned with getting the best picture for your buck, the reasonable choice would be to go for a B7 or C7 OLED (though they’re still not cheap mind you).

On top of everything else, LGs flagship comes shipped with Freeview Play, so you can catch up on all your favourite TV straight from the TV Guide.


With all major manufacturers on board with OLED as the future of TV, 2017 has seen some fantastic sets on offer from Panasonic and Sony as well as LG.



First releasing an OLED model in 2017, Panasonic have now introduced their new flagship: the EZ1002


OLED screens are super thin – that’s why they look so great in the home. The only challenge with super thin TVs, is how manufacturers can build in great sound to match the picture quality. Panasonic have navigated this well by building all the core electronics into the display (unlike LG, where everything sits in the soundbar – meaning it can’t be swapped out). The soundbar on the EZ1002 stands on its own, meaning it can be swapped out for an audio system of your choice. That said, you probably won’t want to, Panasonic have enlisted their audio brand Technics to “tune” the system – and it packs a serious punch with a deep and even sound.

Prices haven’t been announced for the EZ1002 yet, but as Panasonic’s flagship, expect numbers to be high. In anticipation of this, Panasonic have also announced the EZ952 – touted as the more wallet-friendly option for OLED fans.



As the EZ1002s younger sibling, the EZ952 offers a slightly more stripped-back offering. Notably absent is the soundbar, replaced instead there is a speaker bar. Other than that, the displays on these two models are, by all accounts similar, with the EZ952 possessing the same impressive brightness, deep blacks and brilliant whites as its older brother. Trusted Reviews call it “top tech for less”, and if Panasonic can keep the price within a reasonable bracket then they’ll surely be onto a winner this year.


Making their first real move into OLED (after an 11 inch model in 2008), the Japanese tech giant have launched the Sony A1 – touted as their new flagship alongside last years ZD9.


Looking at the A1 – you notice two things. Firstly, how does it stand up? The answer is a kickstand at the back, simultaneously keeping the TV upright and housing all nuts and bolts to keep it going. Secondly, where are the speakers? The answer is perhaps one of the most ingenious design solutions to come to the gadget market in years. Whilst the subwoofer is built into the kickstand, the screen itself is the main speaker with an “Acoustic Surface” that displays a picture and vibrates to create sound.  Trusted Reviews voice the legitimate concern that this could impact the longevity of the display, Sony ensures that it has undergone extensive testing and that this is not the case. With reassurance in place, this looks to be a poster boy for the future of TV – right alongside LG’s W7.

This design ingenuity doesn’t come cheap mind, at £5000 for the 65 inch.

Best LED TVs

Panasonic TX-50DX750

Panasonic TX50D

Ranking number three on Trusted Review’s best TV round-up, the TX-50DX750 has “jaw-dropping” HDR, a cracking Firefox OS and one of the brightest displays on the market (notably, one area LCD screen shine over OLED). Although there are some pretty complex picture settings, if you take your time to get it set up right, you’ll have one of the best displays on any LED set.

Hisense H65M7000


One of the best value 4K TVs money can buy, with great connections, especially deep blacks for an LCD and HDR, Hisense have made a serious impression in 2017 with this model. Met with fantastic reviews across the board, if you’re looking for a huge 4K set on a budget, you’ve found your match.

Don’t take our word for it
The thriving community of review sites maintain regular lists of the best TVs around. Here are some  who do it best:

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