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10 things we all think whilst watching Mastermind

Posted March 27, 2015 - Blog Posts

The search for the nation’s Mastermind reaches its climax on BBC Two @ 9pm tonight. John Humphrys tests the six grand finalists on their specialist subjects and their general knowledge. When we sit down to watch the show, we bet many of us have exactly the same thoughts…

1. I am not smart enough to go on this show.

If we admitted it to ourselves we know that some of us struggle to remember to buy milk and (sometimes) still count on our fingers. It boggles our tiny little minds that these super smart beings exist, and makes us feel a little bad that we’ll never get to sit in the black chair. But on those rare occasions when we get one right it makes us incredibly smug.


2. How are these people so smart?

Where do they find these people! We think there may well be a conspiracy that the contestants are mutants or fed the answers somehow. But in reality, we are in awe at the book smarts of these geniuses.


3. All they win is a glass bowl. I’d rather go on Deal or No Deal.

There is something quintessentially British about the fact that the main prize is a hand-cut glass bowl and the knowledge that you’ve jolly well done your best.


4. I love the theme song

We can’t help but sing and whistle along to the theme. It always gets stuck in our heads.

5. Is it the same chair?

Mastermind has been going for years. Is it the same chair? Why is it black? Have they reupholstered it or replaced it? Does it adjust for heights of the contestants? So. Many. Questions.


6. John Humphrys is really scary.

John Humphrys reminds us of the schoolteacher we really wanted to impress, and when we got an answer wrong we could see the disappointment in their eyes. Sorry John.


7. Why am I watching a show where people sit in a chair and answer questions?

It really is the easiest concept in game show history. Why is something so simple so addictive?

8. I really need to stop shouting the wrong answer at the TV.

Sometimes it is best to watch the show alone so if you blurt out any old answer, there is no one there to judge you.


9. Can you cheat?

We’re not sure writing answers on your hand or arms would work as a camera is on you at all times. How else could we cheat our way in to the Grand Final?

10. What would my specialist subject be?

Choosing a specialist subject is a difficult one. Ours would obviously be ‘UK TV’! If you could choose anything what would it be? Tell us your answers on Facebook

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