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7 great programmes to watch on UKTV this season

Posted November 4, 2015 - Blog Posts

The Indestructibles (Dave)

From improvised comedy to period drama, whatever floats your boat, it’s more than likely you’ll find it on UKTV. Tune into Dave, Really and Drama for a selection of high quality shows that are sure to warm you up this October and November. Here are some of our favourite picks…

The Money Pit

The Money Pit (Dave)

Premieres 7.30pm Thursday 29 October on Dave

Got more business savvy in your little finger than Peter Jones and the Dragons combined? Bold claim. Jason Manford hosts The Money Pit, where ordinary people risk their own money to invest in new business ideas and hopeful entrepreneurs.

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

Premieres 10pm Tuesday 3 November on Dave

No script and no preparation – this one sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?  Not necessarily. The critically acclaimed is back. Alan is joined by comedians, journalists and generally funny people, who all sit around a table and chat. It’s a simple premise, but it works.

The Indestructibles

The Indestructibles (Dave)

Premieres 5pm Sunday 8 November on Dave

The Indestructibles will have you peeking through your fingers and laughing all at the same time. Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle have one week to dream up an epic stunt, they must also convince a well-known athlete to take on the challenge.

The Pinkertons

The Pinkertons (Drama)

Sundays 8pm on Drama

Yeehaw! Get ready for a rootin’-tootin’, gun slinging action-adventure! Okay, that’s enough of the Wild West slang for now. The Pinkertons draws from the real life cases of detective Allan Pinkerton, as he and his son William and America’s first female detective Kate Warne solve crimes throughout the American West in the 1860s.

Most Haunted

Most Haunted (Really)

New series premieres 10pm Sunday 18 October, while the live episode airs 9pm Thursday 29 October on Really

If you’re looking to scare people stupid this Halloween, who are you going to call? Yvette Fielding, apparently. Really are bringing Most Haunted back to our screens for a spooky new series, as well as a three-hour live special filmed at a notorious location said to be the home of the most violent poltergeist in the world.

History’s Ultimate Spies

Premieres 10pm Friday 16 October on Yesterday

From the dark worlds of Tudor and Elizabethan England to the bloody turmoil of the American Civil, History’s Ultimate Spies takes you back in time and profiles the most famous spies in history. See the cold and calculated techniques that helped form the rules of modern day espionage.

Garrow’s Law

Garrow's Law (Drama)

Thursdays 8pm on Drama

More historical histrionics to keep you feeling civilised, this time on Drama. Based on true accounts, Garrow’s Law is a period legal drama which takes place in 18th Century England at London’s Old Bailey. Pioneering barrister William Garrow defends the accused and cross-examines the privileged in pursuit of justice.

And the rest…

There are lots of other programmes to sink your teeth into, like critically acclaimed US comedy Last Man on Earth (11pm Mondays, Dave). Catch the last episode of Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish (10pm Tuesday, Dave) for an hilarious perspective on the world. Fancy something a bit more serious? Medieval Murder Mysteries (9pm Tuesday 10 November, Yesterday) will be right up your street.


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