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A Nice Day for an Unexpected Wedding

Posted July 10, 2015 - Blog Posts

Dating has never been so daring. Channel 4 is taking the dating show concept to new heights with its new show ‘Married at First Sight’ where, if you hadn’t already guessed by the title, strangers will be joined in holy matrimony. Of course, this has got the naysayers squawking. “Till death do them part?” they guffaw, “give them two minutes and they’ll all fall apart!”

Here’s what we have to say to the naysayers: have faith. Between swiping away endless Tinder matches and hoping that the lady with the beige neckerchief reads the ‘missing connection’ section in the Metro, it’s no surprise that so many lonely singles are turning to TV to fill the vacancy in their love lives. ‘Married at First Sight’ is based on a vague science (they’re all matched up based on extreme compatibility), and that fills our TV-shaped heart with hope.

‘Married at First Sight’ is far from the first novel dating concept to make it to our screens. Check out some of its predecessors and you too might be convinced that true love may have actually found a home on Channel 4.


Say you’re a lonely singleton on the prowl for your one true love. Would you really trust Jerry Springer – he of ‘I MARRIED A HORSE’ fame – to play matchmaker? Would you trust him when he told you that revealing your worst qualities could possibly endear you to the man or woman who flits around, mockingly, in your dreams?

Probably not. Is Baggage entertaining? Oh yes. But Jerry Springer is no cupid.

Likelihood of finding the one: 0/5

Date My Mom

The program where a handsome man dated three mothers before deciding whose daughter he would like to fall deeply, deeply in love with.

Date My Mom didn’t guarantee much. It didn’t guarantee that you’d ever get to meet your potential beau. It didn’t guarantee that you would be in any way compatible. It didn’t guarantee that your mother wouldn’t embarrass you in front of your future husband. It did guarantee one thing: if you eventually went on a date with the hunky man, you’d officially be dating your mum’s cast offs. Not good.

Likelihood of finding the one: 0/5

Sexy Beasts

Sexy Beasts has a nice concept – all of the potential love matches wear prosthetic masks so that they’re not distracted by each other’s astounding beauty or abhorrent ugliness. However, as soon as the masks were dropped people were often either disappointed (see the clip above) or confused. Conversation, more often than not, centred on the masks. They were back to square one.

Still, some people went on a third date! Huzzah!

Likelihood of finding the one: 2/5

Dating Naked

The title basically speaks for itself. Essentially the opposite of Sexy Beasts. Bodies meet other bodies. Does true love blossom? Yes, if you like each other’s naked bodies. Does it make for the most awkward first date ever? Yes, because of naked bodies.

Naked bodies.

Likelihood of finding the one: 2/5

Married at First Sight

See, naysayers. The dating show is currently set so high for entertainment and low for actual match making that ‘Married at First Sight’ can’t possibly fail.

Likelihood of finding the one: 5/5

Married at First Sight shows Thursdays on Channel 4

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