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Are you spending more than you think on subscriptions?

Posted April 1, 2019 - Blog Posts

You need a mobile phone, right? And why not add just a few extra pounds on the monthly contract so you can get that latest handset, eh? Gym membership keeps rolling on, because you’re definitely going to get down there regularly this month and have a dry April instead of those failed attempts at dry January, February and March. Damn, Amazon Prime just auto-renewed…

It all adds up.

In fact, it turns out to add up to a heck of a lot more than you probably think. The average Brit believes they’re only spending £29 each month on subscriptions, when – and hopefully you’re sitting down, listening to calming music through your costly Spotify Premium account – we’re actually paying an average of £149!

You’re starting to regret signing up to that flavoured gin and artisan roasted nuts club now, aren’t you?

It probably comes as no surprise that two of our most account-draining bills are for TV services (average of £28 a month) and mobile phone contracts (average of £19 a month).

But the good news is that there are easy savings to be made.

Although the average spend is £149 each month, there are inevitably instances where some people are spending much more. One new mum of twins, Tara Conway, admitted to spending £407 on subscriptions monthly. She forks out a massive £114 for her gym membership, followed closely by £110 for a TV and broadband package.

Looking at Tara’s top five biggest outgoings, we’ve made some suggestions that allow for a saving of up to £312 per month. That gym membership? She could try a free personal training app that focuses on running and other exercise that doesn’t require a giant torture device. Switching to free Spotify or Deezer Free would save her another £25, and a SIM-only mobile deal could shave a whopping £52 from her bills.

And, of course, by using Freeview Play and topping up with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and perhaps even a Now TV bundle, she could save a hefty £92 chunk without missing out on any of her most-loved shows.

This might come as a relief if you’re frantically hitting refresh on news updates about the utter shambles of Brexit, which doesn’t show any signs of resolving itself before we’ve disbanded the outdated idea of nations altogether and ended up segregating the world based on whether or not you own a yoga mat. All that EU uncertainty means it’s also not a shock that nearly a quarter (22%) of the UK public are looking for new ways to tighten their purse strings right now.

So ditch your unnecessary subscriptions without missing out, revel in your extra monthly cash, and then maybe use some of it to buy that yoga mat. Just in case.

Figures based on research carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Freeview

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