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Britain's Got Talent?

Posted April 8, 2015 - Blog Posts

Simon, Piers, Alesha and Amanda are back on our screens this Saturday 11th at 8pm on ITV. We love the mix of contestants that grace the stage to audition, good or bad they are always entertaining. Join us as we countdown our favourite ever auditions.

5. It’s all a bit Greek

When Greek Cypriote father and son comedy dance duo Demetrios and Michalakis took the stage as Stavros Flatley, the crowd went wild and so did we. The judges didn’t quite know what to expect, but as it turns out, fake Irish dancing wearing blonde wigs was right up their street.

4. DJ…Talent?

In 2009, DJ Talent stormed the stage and was confusingly really popular. So much so that he made it to the live semi finals. We’re sure there must have been something in the water as we are still to this day perplexed as to how he made it there. Nevertheless DJ Talent and his one hit wonder will go down in BGT history.

3. So bad, you’re brilliant

Donald Bell-Gam sauntered on the stage and we had high hopes. Our hopes were dashed when he opened his mouth. He tried to warble classics from Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston before butchering Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. He did however win a unique title bestowed on him by Mr Cowell as the “worst singer we have had on Britain’s Got Talent”. Enjoy.

2. How did you do that?

Darcy Oake made doves and women appear out of thin air. Yes. We’re both scared and impressed. Afterwards, Simon said that Darcy was “without question the best magician ever on Britain’s Got Talent.” It seems the British public agree as his audition has been viewed over 47 million times on YouTube.

1. Dreaming a dream

No list is complete without Scottish singer Susan Boyle. How could anyone have doubted her? She blew everyone away with her incredible vocal ability and is a sure-fire Britain’s Got Talent legend; let’s hope that we’re lucky enough to find someone as amazing in 2015. Relive her emotional audition below.

Tune in to ITV on Saturday 11th at 8pm to watch the first of the auditions. Who knows we may find some favourites to add to our list.

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