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Comedy for grown-ups on Film 4

Posted June 4, 2015 - Blog Posts

Get home, put your feet up, and prepare to laugh hard with Film 4’s upcoming comedy season. The season runs from 3 June to 10 June, including first plays of Cuban Fury, American Reunion, The Sitter, and the network premiere of 21 & Over, on Film 4.


(2011) Running time: 125 mins; certified: 15

This modern classic is enough to give any bride-to-be cold feet. Kristen Wiig stars as a singleton who’s appointed maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding. But things are set to go horribly awry for her.

Bridesmaids on Freeview

Bridesmaids on Film 4 at 9pm Wednesday 3 June and 9pm Sunday 7 June

Cuban Fury

(2014) Running time: 98 mins; certified: 15

This one’s for anyone who’s ever tried a salsa class. Nick Frost dances up a storm from start to finish as a former salsa prodigy who whips himself back into shape in an attempt to woo his new American boss with his fancy footwork.

Cuban Fury on Film 4 at 9pm Thursday 4 June and 9pm Monday 8 June

American Reunion

(2012) Running time: 113 min; certified: 15

The past should be left in the past, right? Not for the class of 1999, who come home for their High School reunion to reminisce and be inspired by their teenage selves. Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and Seann William Scott star in the fourth feature in the American Pie franchise.

American Reunion on Film 4 at 9pm Friday 5 June and 9pm Wednesday 10 June

The Sitter

(2011) Running time: 81 mins; certified: 15

Date night? Maybe it’s best to stay home with the kids. Jonah Hill stars as possibly the world’s worst babysitter – a 20-something year old college dropout who’ll do just about anything to get laid. However, he’s more than met his match in the form of three terrible kids.

The Sitter on Film 4 at 9pm Saturday 6 June

21 & Over

(2013) Running time: 86 mins; certified: 15

Got a drunken 21st birthday story? Bet it wasn’t half as bad as this. Justin Chon plays a gifted student who risks his chance to study medicine by going on a debauched birthday celebration with two old friends. It’s also a chance to check out Miles Teller pre-Whiplash.

21 and over on Freeview

21 & Over premiers on Film 4 at 9pm Tuesday 9 June

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