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DisasterChef! Our top TV cookery moments

Posted March 20, 2015 - Blog Posts

MasterChef is back on our screens, and we couldn’t be happier. We love it when a contestant cooks up an amazing dish, but we must admit, we love the kitchen disasters just as much. It doesn’t just stop at MasterChef; cooking on TV is a hotbed for things to go wrong. You know you secretly love it too, whether it’s a sunken soufflé, an undercooked chicken breast or an unhappy customer. So, we’ve pulled together a selection of classic mishaps for your entertainment.

Keep it simple

It’s the word that strikes fear into the hearts of all MasterChef viewers. ‘Deconstructed’. Contestant Charity went above and beyond to make a deconstructed trifle. Yes, we will say that again, deconstructed trifle. What did we learn? Some classic dishes are best left as they are.

Not ‘Holden’ the pan

Everyone’s favourite TV chef, Gino De Campo, cooks up a storm regularly on ITV’s This Morning. He got more than he bargained for when host Amanda Holden threw beans all over him live on air. That’s the problem with live TV, anything can happen!

Sushi Nightmare

Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me is always full of surprises. When contestant Craig decided to charm his guests with an unusual serving technique, it didn’t go down too well.

Potato Plums

Don’t make pastry out of potatoes, wrap it around a plum and then boil it. This shouldn’t be advice that needs to be given. Care assistant Carl served three previous MasterChef contestants a pudding of boiled potato dough sloppily smudged around an undercooked plum. We all know Gregg loves a pudding; so you know it is pretty bad when he says, deadpan, ‘It’s horrendous.’.

Potato Plums on MasterChef


Who can forget Bingate? If you had asked us a few years ago to imagine what one of the biggest shows on our screens today would be, it’s unlikely it would have been a programme chronicling a bunch of people baking in a tent in a field. Alas, The Great British Bake Off evokes fiery passion, week in week out. One notable disaster was when bearded baker Iain was kicked out of the competition due to a palaver over a Baked Alaska, triggering social media outrage.

Delicious Dishes

OK, we’ve cheated, this is not quite a cookery show disaster, but this brilliant take on a classic MasterChef tasting will bring a smile to your face. If a contestant dared to present one of these dishes to the judges, we’d definitely tune in to watch the reaction.

On this season of MasterChef we’re excited to see what gastronomical treats are served to John and Gregg. But, we will be keeping our fingers crossed for a disaster or two to add to our list.

Catch MasterChef tonight on BBC One @8pm.

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