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Dry January: Our look back at ‘booze on the box’

Posted January 16, 2015 - Blog Posts

January is fast becoming known as the “driest” month of the year. As many of us are making a fresh start in 2015 and attempting to lay off the tipple for a month, we’ve taken a look through the TV archives to discover the effects of ‘booze on the box’.

Steph and Dom, Gogglebox

Let’s start by asking ourselves: “would Gogglebox really be the same if Steph and Dom were off the champers?” We have a sneaking suspicion that most of you would answer: no. From drunkenly singing along to One Direction, staggering home from the pub with Nigel Farage and spraying each other with water, Steph and Dom are famous for being half cut on TV. With that, here’s a clip of Dom trying to engage his red wine – fuelled brain to figure out who exactly is on the TV.

Closing Time

Ever wondered what happens after pubs and clubs close? Wonder no more! Channel 5 has documented it all. From causalities in the medical bus to the UK’s largest taxi waiting area come after party, Closing Time allows you to be a fly on the wall amidst the chaos whilst sitting very sober in your comfy armchair. Follow Closing time here.


We first arrived in the Costa Blanca with the Garvey family back in 2007 and they’ve barely left since! A large part of the show is based in Neptune’s, The Solana resort’s all inclusive bar. Most of the characters eat, drink and sing karaoke there and there are occasional guest appearances from singers. As well as Neptune’s, you can’t think of Benidorm without your mind wandering to hilarious, sexy barman, Mateo and his Casanova antics.

You can watch the new series of Benidorm on Fridays at 9pm to get your sunshine fix.

From one yellow ball of fun to another …

Homer Simpson, the Simpsons

Homer would do anything for his beloved Duff Beer; he once said “I’ve figured out an alternative to giving up my beer. Basically, we become a family of traveling acrobats.” Homer’s beer drinking has kept us entertained over the past 25 years. He’s shown us his drunken dance moves and serenaded us with songs about beer. Unlike Steph and Dom, Homer appears to be very similar in a sober state! So at least if Homer decided to do Dry January we would still get the laughs. Catch the Simpsons weekdays on Channel 4 at 5.30pm.

24 Hours in A&E

Finally, A&E departments see it all. In Season 1 we learned that, on average, around a quarter of the patients in A&E are drunk. From broken limbs to nasty bumps, Season 1 Ep4 had it all; you can revisit it here and don’t forget to catch the brand new series, Wednesdays on Channel 4 at 9pm.

There you have it, our look at booze on the box. Good luck with Dry January, you’re almost there.

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