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Europe Calling!

Posted May 13, 2016 - Blog Posts

Prepare the glitter, plug in the fans and get some flags, it’s Eurovision time! This Saturday the greatest spectacle on earth is taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. Here are our top picks and what to look out for on the night.

First up Australia. Yes, Australia is not in Europe, but they love Eurovision (and are part of the EBU – the organisation behind Eurovision) so have every right to perform. Earlier this year Kylie was heavily rumoured to be representing the land down under however, Dami Im will be waving the flag for Australia with a song called Sound of Silence. Once you get over the line “trying to feel your love through FaceTime” it does get better. Take a look for yourself.


Sticking with beginning of the alphabet, Austria have an up-tempo-Euro-belter, that will surely get the crowd going on Saturday night! Zoe sings Loin d’ici which translates as Far From Here. You’ll notice that the song is not sung in Austrian but French, which apparently is “interesting” according to Zoe. Zoe not only performs this song but wrote it too. Look out for a lot of colour in her performance on Saturday night, she also said she wants to take the audience on a journey during her performance, so don’t forget your bus pass!


And staying up tempo, on to Bulgaria. Poli Genova will be performing If Love Was a Crime. Poli is well versed in Eurovision having previously represented Bulgaria back in 2011, although she didn’t make it through the semi-finals. Poli’s also not a stranger to television having appeared on a number of Bulgarian shows including X Factor and Dancing with the Stars. Look out for her dress, which looks a bit like some ripped up rubbish bags stuck together.


After finishing second last year, the favourites this year are Russia. Some have said that the performer, song and staging bears a striking resemblance to last year’s winning performance. But we’ll let you come to your own conclusions on that. Those Russians really want to win Eurovision and are putting a lot in to this year’s performance. The staging is worthy of a win itself. The song, isn’t as strong as it could be and sounds like it’s been influenced by The Sound of Music. Here’s Sergey Lazarev with You Are the Only One.


And on to our hosts, Sweden. Sweden take Eurovision very seriously, their selection TV show, Melodifestivalen gets more viewers than X-Factor, and all the many famous Swedish songwriters and artists enter it. This year, the Swedes chose a Jamie T sound-alike in the form of 17-year-old Frans. If Sweden win this year, it will be the seventh time they take the crown and together with Ireland be the country that’s won the contest most times. (Interestingly the UK have are 3rd with 5 wins since the start of the contest).


And speaking of the United Kingdom, Joe and Jake will be singing their hearts out to You’re Not Alone. Joe and Jack were chosen by the great British public back in March. Since rehearsing, the odds have been slashed for Joe and Jake at 50/1 (we’re aware that isn’t great but previously it was 250/1). It’s our most credible entry for some time, so we’re hoping for a top 10 finish at least with this:


So there you have it, our picks for the Eurovision Grand Finale! Don’t forget to join Graham Norton on BBC One at 8pm for all the festivities. And if you’re having your own Eurovision party check out the BBC’s Eurovision Party Pack here.


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