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Freeview Play on Panasonic TVs in 2015

Posted May 22, 2015 - Blog Posts

Some products from the 2015 Panasonic TV ranges that are now on  sale are designed to be upgraded to receive the Freeview Play service when it launches later in 2015.

The TVs are identified with a ‘Freeview Play inside’ message on the Panasonic website.

When the Freeview Play service is ready to launch your Panasonic TV will alert you that FV-Play-logo-whitethere is an upgrade available (as long as it is connected to the internet).  This network upgrade will update your TV’s software so that the Freeview Play service will then be available from the TV guide and the Freeview Play home page (where you see the Freeview Play logo).

You will then be able to get catch up TV from BBC iPlayer*, ITV Hub and All 4 integrated into the Freeview TV guide alongside live television.  You will also be able to scroll back through the TV guide for 7-day catch up.

The Freeview Play service requires a minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps for catch up and on demand services. Watching on demand and catch up programmes will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance. 7-day catch up is for selected channels only.

* BBC iPlayer is available now in the Panasonic TV app area and will be available from Freeview Play at launch later in 2015.

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