Freeview’s Football Fan Focus: What Type of Football Fan Are You?

Posted June 2, 2014 - Blog Posts


It’s coming up to that time again when the whole nation goes football crazy. There will be flags, face paint, lots of cheers and perhaps, also tears. But despite extended licensing hours, the pub is not the nation’s favourite place to watch international football on TV with 78% of Brits preferring to cheer on the Three Lions from the comfort of their living rooms this summer.

With so many people settling down on the sofa, we took a closer look at viewer behaviour when watching football on TV. We call it Freeview’s Football Fan Focus. We want to sort The Bluffers from The Superfans, The Motormouths from the Living Room Referees. We worked with Oxford-based body language world expert and behavioural psychologist, Dr. Peter Collett to observe a range of fans in a Gogglebox-style experiment. He spent hours closely examining the body language and behaviour of these fans while they watched a live football match on TV to understand just how they respond to different moments in a match and why.

What type of  football fan are you? Take our Football Fan Finder Quiz to find out.


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