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Gadget Show Live

Posted May 3, 2013 - Blog Posts

Speaking of ever changing technology, we sent some lucky winners to the Gadget Show Live in April. We went along ourselves to take a look and unsurprisingly there were a range of cool gadgets to see and play with. Hundreds of companies were there showing off their latest gadgets and technology innovations.

There was a huge variety of gadgets, from day-to-day useful things such as waterproof mobile phones, to crazy dancing robots!

All of the big TV manufactures were there giving us a chance to get our hands on some of the latest gizmos and a chance to see how TVs in our front rooms might be looking in a few years to come. First up, we saw the 84″ Ultra HD LG TV. It featured a huge screen that felt more like a cinema than a TV, but with 4k ultra HD pictures it felt like you were actually in the movie that was being shown! It’s going to be a while before these are commonplace in homes across the country, but it was a good taster of things to come.

Next, we saw some great new TVs from Panasonic and Samsung. As well as having all the standard features you would expect from a top of the range Freeview HD TV, these TVs had a little extra up their sleeve – they both have the ability to record, pause and rewind your favourite programmes built-in. The Samsung TV even has all the catch up players from BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub, 4oD and Demand5. And if you really want to show off to your friends, you can control it with your hands instead of using the remote control!

Our friends at EchoStar also hosted a stand where they were showing off their Ultra Slim Freeview+ HD recorder ‘the world’s slimmest digital TV recorder’. It’s a stylish way to record your favourite HD TV shows, with BBC iPlayer built in.

There was one other thing that we saw – it’s not TV related but it’s still worthy of a mention. Printers aren’t the most exciting things usually but these 3D printers were too cool for school. They are able to create and ‘print’ pretty much anything you could imagine.

Check out one printing Yoda in this video:

The new series of The Gadget Show kicks off this summer on Channel 5. Fan favourite Jon Bentley is back, teaming up with Jason and Pollyanna once more, and there’s another new face too: Countdown’s Rachel Riley.

You can look forward to seeing Rachel Riley trying out the latest and greatest gadgets this summer, as she joins the rest of the team in a brand new series.

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