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In case you missed it

Posted January 8, 2016 - Blog Posts

There’s still time to catch up on all those Christmas shows you missed. Just fire up Freeview Play or your smart TV and beat the January blues with these Christmas crackers from the festive season.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride


Christmas saw Sherlock, Watson and co. return to their Victorian roots in The Abominable Bride. A ghostly bride is stalking the shadowy, fog-shrouded backstreets of London, hell-bent on revenge, as Benedict Cumberbatch puts his stamp yet more firmly on our favourite sociopath sleuth. But what of that time shift? With all the Christmas hype out of the way, now’s your chance to make your own brilliant deductions.


Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None

A sinister nursery rhyme dictates the action in this thriller, generally reckoned as one of Agatha Christie’s best works. Ten strangers find themselves cut off from civilisation, and it’s only a matter of time before the murders begin. With not a Poirot or Marple in sight, And Then There Were None breaks the mould: if Agatha Christie did Scandinavain noir, this would be the result. A deservedly well-reviewed and compelling watch.

Catch up on And Then There Were None on BBC iPlayer.


8 out of 10 Cats Christmas Special, feat. Carrot in a Box

The irreverent panel show based on opinion polls has an unlikely Christmas centerpiece: Carrot in a Box. It goes like this: There’s a carrot in one of two boxes. But which box? Surely, if it’s not in one, it must be in the other? Sounds simple, until you see Sean Locke and Jon Richardson are involved. Who’ll be left one snowman short of a nose?


Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Presents weren’t the only things that were all wrapped up this Christmas. In the last-ever episode of Downton Abbey, all wrongs are righted, all peccadilloes pardoned, and all old scores are settled, as the much-beloved characters set their chins and bravely move forward into the future – this time without us. It’s a seasonal special with a feel-good finale.


Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2015

Host Jimmy Carr invites Rob Brydon, Jo Brand, Richard Ayoade, David Mitchell, Claudia Winkleman and Greg Davies and to out-quiz each other, aided and abetted by an array of top celebs. Who’ll be the Christmas crackers? Who’ll be the turkeys? And does it really matter when you’re having this much fun?

Catch up on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year on Channel 4.



We know that kids say the funniest things. Now, with Gogglesprogs, they’ve a platform to say them to each other – and the best bit is, we get to listen in. “Dinosaurs are like violent giraffes” says one Gogglesprog to another: an original insight if ever there was one. Get ready for many more to brighten up your January!


Stick Man

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know that one of the best books around is Axel Schleffer and Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man. Now brought to life brilliantly on the small screen, Stick Man’s troubles are only just beginning when he goes jogging, and encounters a dog in search of a stick. It’s sticky fun for all the family, and with the likes of Martin Freeman and Hugh Bonneville supplying the voices, the acting’s anything but wooden!


World’s Strongest Man


The Super Yoke. The Deadlift, The Atlas Stones. These aren’t the names of activities for the likes of us. They’re just some of the challenges the ten finalists in the World’s Strongest Man Grand Final have to face. Presenters James Richardson, Charlie Webster and Terry Hollands are on hand to help sort the real men from the… well, really enormous men, in this thrilling series finale.

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