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London 2012 Paralympics – The Games of the Possible by Chris Holmes

Posted September 7, 2012 - Blog Posts


Guest blog

This week, we have a special guest blog  from former Paralympian Chris Holmes, MBE. If you haven’t read it yet, read it now – it captures the inspiration of the Games perfectly.

The end is nigh

It’s sad but true: the Paralympics and the summer of sport are coming to an end. What an absolutely fantastic summer of sport on TV it’s been. And the Paralympics, especially, have inspired more than a generation – they’ve inspired a nation (and we can only assume, many more nations around the world). Catch the last of the Games coverage, here’s a reminder of how:

Daily Paralympics coverage

Daily coverage of the Games will start from  7am with the Paralympic Games Breakfast Show. There will be a 45-minute highlights show (  The Last Leg with Adam Hills) between 10.30-11.15pm each evening.

More 4

Coverage will switch to  More4 when not shown on the main channel, while an additional stream of live coverage will be available on Freeview HD via the red button when you are watching the Channel 4 HD channel.

C4 Paralympics Extra

Want to watch even more Paralympics coverage?  C4 Paralympics Extra offers Freeview viewers an extra video feed of action from the London 2012 Paralympic Games for the duration of competition (30 August – 9 September.)

However, it is only available on Freeview HD via channel 304 (C4 PG Extra.)

Of course, don’t forget the Closing Ceremony on Sunday night – let’s close the summer of sport in style

Here are your TV highlights!


Be sure to catch the penultimate day of Paralympic sport! If we said ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ you would think of..Doctor Who of course! The second episode in the latest series is on tonight at 7:35pm on BBC1. Another Saturday night heavyweight, The X Factor (8:10pm, ITV1) rolls in with what one can only hope is a crop of great, talented contestants. What will the reality be? We’ll have to tune in and see. New series of the political comedy, T he Thick of It returns tonight at 9:45pm on BBC2. For something less obviously funny, check out The World Is Not Enough ( 11.10pm, ITV1) with Pierce Brosnan as Bond, James Bond.


It’s the very last day of the Paralympics but there is plenty to be excited about today! Fomula One: Italian Grand Prix – Highlights (5:35pm, BBC1) for all you gas heads out there and if that isn’t enough, try China on Four Wheels (8pm, BBC2.) Later, they’re baaaaack! An all new series of Dragon’s Den gets underway (9pm, BBC2) and we are retreated to a two-part X Factor weekend with the second episode tonight at 8pm on ITV1. Finally, new drama The Scapegoat (9pm, ITV1) airs tonight starring Matthew Rhys (of Brothers and Sisters fame) – a story of switched identities is bound to have lots of drama in store! Sadly, tonight we say farewell to the summer of sport with the Closing Ceremony of Paralympics 2012 from 7pm on Channel 4. So many of us have been inspired by what we’ve seen from our heroes this summer, it will be sad to see it all come to an end. But what a spectacular summer of sport on TV it has been!


Today we celebrate: Our Greatest Team: Athletes Parade Live is on BBC1 at 1:25pm and if you miss it you can catch thehighlights at 8:30pm, also on BBC1. Discover how the food we love is made in Food Unwrapped (8:30pm, Channel 4) or check out Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food at 8:30pm on BBC1. Remember, with Freeview+ you don’t have to choose, you can record one while you watch the other – aaaah, why choose? A new drama, Leaving, starts on ITV1 at 9pm tonight as does 9 99: What’s Your Emergency (9pm, Channel 4.) The seventh series of Cowboy Builders also starts tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm as does Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You over on BBC3.


The Great British Bake Off (8pm, BBC2) continues this week but there’s also another competition on tonight: England v Ukraine (7:30pm, ITV1) in the first home game of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers. New series starting tonight includeVikings (9pm, BBC2),  Double Your House for Half the Money (8pm, Channel4) and Rude Tube (10pm, Channel 4). Also worth watching are Trouble on the Estate (9pm, Channel 4) – a Panorama investigation and One Born Every Minute: Twins and Triplets (9pm, Channel 4) – double and triple the joy!


Design enthusiasts, this one’s for you: an all new series of Grand Designs (9pm, Channel 4). Oh and if that’s not enough, series 10 of Shameless starts straight after (10pm, Channel 4) – no, we too can hardly wait. Earlier though, enjoy River Cottage: Three Go Mad (8pm, Channel 4) as three comedians enjoy two days of cooking with the man of the manor, himself. Take a peek behind the scenes in Downton Abbey: Behind the Drama at 8pm on ITV3. The second episode of the new  Dallas is on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm and over on BBC2 at 9pm is something a bit different: Dead Good Job is a behind the scenes look at the work of Britain’s undertakers.


A new series of Location, Location, Location (8pm, Channel 4) starts tonight as does a social experiment, The Audience (9pm, Channel 4) which looks at 50 strangers helping someone make a life-changing decision – check out the trailer . The Bletchley Circle continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1 and we see the second part of Hilary Devey’s Women at the Top (9pm, BBC2).


Island Hospital (8pm, ITV1) starts tonight following the lives of those at a hospital in Guernsey whilst Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (9pm, ITV1), The Million Pound Drop Live (9pm, Channel 4), Alan Carr: Chatty Man (10, Channel 4), QI (10pm, BBC2) and Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers all also kick off a new series tonight. The penultimate episode ofParade’s End (9pm, BBC2) airs tonight and Come Dine with Me goes to Benidorm at 8pm on Channel 4.

That’s all for now folks. Have a great weekend in the sunshine – catch it while you can!

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