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Prepare to laugh and cringe this summer

Posted June 9, 2015 - Blog Posts

Get ready for a fresh dose of laughter on Dave with two brand new sitcoms: Hoff the Record and Undercover. Both series are the latest original commissions by Dave – who presented us Crackanory, Ross Noble Freewheeling, and Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish. And long may the run continue, anything that gets the Hoff back on our screens is fine by us.

Stop press:
In honour of Hoff the Record, Dave will be temporarily changing their name to David for the day of the premier.

Undercover & Hoff The Record

Hoff the Record (Thursday 18 June at 9pm, Dave)

He’s saved lives on Santa Monica beach and fought crime alongside a talking car, so what’s next for TV legend David Hasselhoff? Well, he’s going to play himself of course – albeit, a highly fictionalised version.

David Hasselhoff on beach

Shot in the style of a documentary, Hoff the Record is a six-part ‘semi-improvised comedy’ that follows The Hoff as he moves to the UK in an attempt to save his flagging career having risen to worldwide fame thirty years previously in Baywatch and Knight Rider.

In the first episode, The Hoff feels defeated when the director of his own biopic wants someone else to star in the film. But when he re-enacts his finest hour, singing on top of a studio set of the Berlin Wall, it reawakens his sense of self-worth.

Undercover (Tuesday 16 June at 9pm, Dave)

Ever got involved with the wrong crowd? You have no idea. Undercover, starring BAFTA winner Daniel Rigby (Eric and Ernie) and Sarah Alexander (Green Wing), is a black comedy full of tension and suspense that’ll have you laughing and squirming on your sofa.


This six-part series tells the story of Chris, a neurotic undercover policeman who finds himself hopelessly out of his depth when he infiltrates a vicious Armenian crime family called the Sarkissians. His day-to-day tasks mainly revolve around not getting killed and blending in with excessively violent gangsters.


The first episode sees Chris meet his new police handler, DS Zoe Keller, for the first time. She’s ambitious and determined. Luckily for Zoe, Chris has been recently inducted into the inner circle of the Sarkissians. Chris is set the task of smoking-out and ‘dealing with’ an accountant who has been stealing from the business.

Watch our interview with Daniel Rigby and Sarah Alexander, to get their take on the new show:

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