Six Nations 2016 TV Guide: Know your vowels from your consonants

Posted February 4, 2016 - Blog Posts

Good news: the Six Nations returns this weekend live on Freeview but with a twist: ITV and BBC now share the right for the next six years.

ITV will show live coverage of England, Ireland and Italy home matches.
And BBC will show live coverage of Scotland, Wales and France home matches.

But in the heat of the moment, how will you remember which channel’s showing what?

Our friends at Channel 4’s Countdown have come to the rescue:




Allow us to explain: all home matches of the nations starting with a vowel (England, Ireland, Italy) will be on ITV. While all home matches of the nations starting with a consonant (Scotland, Wales, France) are on BBC. Here’s a quick way to remember that nugget of information:




But just in case you need the full picture, here’s a list of all the fixtures including the channels that’ll be showing them.




Bold denotes the home team.

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