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Step Into TV World This Summer

Posted July 15, 2016 - Blog Posts

We use the word ‘summer’ loosely . . .

Apparently, post-Brexit minibreaks to Europe will soon cost an arm and a leg, so staying in the UK is more tempting than ever. But when the choice is anything from Brighton to Bridlington, how do you narrow it down?

Well, how about visiting the locations featured in your favourite TV shows?

What could be more engaging than grabbing a Polaroid (okay, a selfie), showing you at the precise location where Benedict Cumberbatch wielded a sword*, or Mary Berry congratulated someone on their perfect Genoese?

From Victoria to Poldark, there are plenty of outstanding TV locations to visit in the UK, guaranteed to add further novelty to 2016 sunshine.

The Great British Bake-Off – Berkshire & Somerset (Begins again on BBC One this August).

Needless to say, at Freeview HQ we’re looking forward to Bake Off 2016, re-watching classic clips and stuffing our faces with (pre-emptive) cake. This year, the BBC is also treating us to two Christmas Specials, each featuring four bakers from previous series – place your bets now on what one of the cakes will be . . .

For the past two years, the Bake Off marquee was pitched in the grounds of Welford Park country house in Newbury (Berkshire).

Welford Park is known for its five acre display of snowdrops within its beech wood in the early spring (the only time Welford Park is open to the public – curse you, nature!).

Bake Off

However, you can still visit for open air theatrical productions and other events, or go along in Spring 2017.

But fans of eating cake in posh gardens, fear not; you can visit Harptree Court , home of the GBBO tent for Seasons 3 and 4 which operates as a restaurant and hotel.

To tide you over that little bit longer, enjoy this classic Bake Off moment:

Victoria – Locations in North Yorkshire (Begins on ITV this autumn).

Tipped to be ITV’s new Downton, Victoria focuses on the early life of Queen Victoria, who took the throne at eighteen. It follows her life through her courtship and marriage inspired by the diaries she kept as a teenager.

The collective lips of the internet remain fairly tightly sealed on precise locations, but we know that it is predominantly filmed in the north.

We also know it will feature Castle Howard (Coneysthorpe), and The Minster School (York) – the Minster itself is well worth a look while you’re there.


You could also use Victoria herself for ideas, exploring the myriad buildings and locations that were inspired by her. Here’s a helpful list.

You can also watch the Victoria trailer here:

Poldark – Locations in Cornwall (Returns to BBC 1 this autumn).

After a smash first series, and possibly competing directly with Victoria when it returns to our screens in the Autumn, Poldark boasts a wealth of Cornish locations including:


Find out more at the Visit Cornwall website or the National Trust site, where you can find the locations of many other popular TV shows as well.

Refresh your memory of series one with this helpful video:

Brief Encounters – Locations in Sheffield (Currently on ITV – Catch up on Episode 1 on the ITV Hub).

Brief Encounters, the ITV comedy drama inspired by the rise of living room selling in the 1980s, utilises Sheffield’s distinct architecture to set the scene. You can spot several of Sheffield’s oldest industrial buildings peppered throughout Brief Encounters, making a tour of the city an ideal place to start with spotting some of those.

Woodfield Road, in nearby suburb Crookes, is the predominant site for the houses.

Watch the trailer for Brief Encounters here:

Eden – Scottish Highlands (Starts on Channel 4, Monday 18 July)

Channel 4’s new reality TV show, Eden, will allow us to imagine we could survive in the Scottish Highlands from the safety of our own sofa.

Eden (and cover)

The twenty-three members of the public (surviving on our behalf), have a variety of specialised skills between them. Ideal, as they are stranded in a 600-acre area for a whole year, with no access to the outside world. We will duly shout at the contestants where they go wrong, while shovelling summer (and then autumn, winter and spring) ice cream into our mouths.

But of course, in less extreme conditions, and for significantly shorter amounts of time, the Scottish Highlands can make for a great trip.

Attractions like –

–  can all be enjoyed, without drastically altering how many meals you eat per day.

Watch the Eden trailer here:

Other Ways to Theme your Summer Days Out

For those who didn’t know, The Antiques Roadshow tours the country – the clue is in the name. Whether an antique enthusiast or not, the locations are usually picturesque, and have recently included Tewkesbury Abbey (Gloucestershire) to Caversham Park (Reading).

For a list of upcoming shooting or to register to take part, visit the BBC website.

If you’re a film fanatic, The Luna Cinema offers a fantastic way to visit a huge range of outdoor venues throughout the country for a classic film experience.

* Okay, we’re not quite sure where Benedict wielded the sword, but he definitely filmed at Lacock Abbey.

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