The Freeview Catch Up Hotline

Posted May 20, 2016 - Blog Posts

Chat about TV whatever and whenever you’re watching.

Have you ever had to stop a conversation about your favourite TV show because your friend or colleague hadn’t yet caught up with the current episode?

With recent shows like Marcella, Undercover and Peaky Blinders we’re really living in a golden age of TV at the moment. So it’s no wonder that when we quizzed The Great British Public, we found that Britons really are a nation of TV lovers, with the average person spending on average 8.8 YEARS watching TV shows. 66% of people said that TV is their favourite topic of conversation with friends and colleagues, and on average Brits spend 15 minutes a DAY speaking with colleagues, friends and family about plot lines, TV characters and ‘watercooler’ moments.

But with catch-up services like Freeview Play, we’re not all at the same point in a series as everyone else. That means that many people feel like they can’t talk about their favourite shows with friends in case they ruin it for them. That’s why earlier this week we launched the Freeview Catch Up Hotline, which allows TV addicts like yourself the opportunity to discuss plot lines, theories and general chat about your favourite shows. All you need to do is call 0800 133 7562 and you’ll be put through to one of TV loving team. The hotline is open until next Tuesday, so get in quick! You may also like to head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages where you can win one of these spoiler free badges.


And don’t forget when the hotline closes you can still talk to us about your favourite shows on Facebook and Twitter.

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