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This Week in Trailers

Posted April 26, 2013 - Blog Posts

This week we’ve been keeping ourselves entertained with trailers for some of the up-and-coming TV programmes out there. Whether it’s the hotly anticipated return of an old favourite or something a little off-the-wall, there’s something out there for everyone.

So much so that we couldn’t possible show you all of them. BUT we’ve chosen five of our favourites.

Sneak Peek: The return of The Apprentice

Following on from the Finger of Fear video, here we get actual soundbites from the upcoming series. If the rest of the show is anything like what we’re hearing, it promises to be as juicy as ever. We can’t wait to be back in the boardroom.

Made In Chelsea…General Hospital – Watson & Oliver

The latest series with the comedy duo features this sketch which perhaps borrows from a-popular-reality-TV-series-that’s currently-on-TV. They’ve made a lot of effort to keep us guessing which one so we thought it only fair to not to spoil things. Like. Yah.

‘Team work does make the dream work’: The Job Lot

The characters in this brand new comedy look really promising (anyone spotted the cat magazine?) and you don’t have long to wait for more as this series hits our screens next week. Will the unemployed become the funemployed? We shall have to wait and see.

Back for more: The Fried Chicken Shop

“I want the nice wings, not the leg…like the proper one, the fat wings.” What more can we say? The first series was so captured the British public that we are back in the chicken shop. What wacky and wonderful characters will we encounter this time? Buuucack! (We googled how to write chicken noises and it seems the jury is out on definitive answers, shame.)

Messing with my mind: Ben Earle – Trick Artist

The wait is over as this series kicks off tonight but prepare to have your mind toyed with, judging by this trailer. There’s something equally fascinating and frustrating about tricks/slight of hand/magic. We’ll be watching you closely Ben…(!)

That’s just our take on it. Are there any trailers you’ve seen that have piqued your interest and that you think should be added to our list?

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