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Time’s ticking: an old face returns to Big Brother

Posted June 4, 2015 - Blog Posts

They don’t know what’s about to hit them. The seven Big Brother: Timebomb housemates currently up for eviction don’t even know that they could be leaving the house tonight. They’re also blissfully unaware that there won’t just be one evictee but four. Yikes.

With time in the house less stable than a 50-tier house of cards balanced on a rickety bridge, nobody knows what Big Brother’s planning next. One thing we do know is that a familiar face will be re-entering the game tonight. To fuel the rumour machine, we thought that we’d look at which previous housemates we’d want to replace the current nominees.

Amy & Sally

The twins have been at war with Irish model Jade since day dot. Even though Amy has now ostensibly made up with Jade, the feud might have been a turn off for viewers. The twins could very well walk arm in arm out of the house tonight.

Big Brother tweet

There’s only one real option for their replacement. If viewers didn’t like their salt, they’d love some sugar. Enter another pair of bubbly blonde twins, Big Brother 8’s runner ups Samanda. Samanda weren’t just loved by the public – they are the only housemates to have ever reached the final without receiving a single nomination. Will we be seeing Samanda tonight?


Salt-of-the-earth Yorkshire lass might have more charm oozing out of her than a Yorkshire pud has gravy, but she’s been slipping into the background. Her relatively low profile might well be her downfall tonight.

Tweet 2

A warm-hearted northern lass whose only fault is being too quiet should be replaced with a louder, warm-hearted northern lass. Big Brother 7’s Lea Walker fits the bill perfectly. The buxom blonde played house mother and took her fellow housemates under her wing. A real doll. Her return might seem unlikely, but she’s definitely still got her fans out there. This tribute video is proof:

Danny & Sarah

It’s possible that neither, either or both Danny and Sarah will leave the house tonight. Both housemates are currently playing up a showmance. Only time will tell if the great British voting public has welcomed their fledgling love into its bosom – if they haven’t, the greatest love story of Summer 2015 could be over before it ever really began.

Big brother tweet

If viewers don’t buy what Danny and Sarah are selling, BB producers should send in the couple who experienced possibly the greatest house romance of all time. No, we’re not talking about Ziggy and Chanelle, Preston and Chantelle, Josie and John Paul, Mikey and Grace, Lee Ryan and everyone…We’re talking about BB2’s ditzy hairdresser Helen and her beau Paul. Their romance came before the days of suspicious movements under the sheets, pregnancy scares and rushed marriages. Their romance was honest and sweet. More of that, we say.


Last night, London café worker Harriet showed her grit and determination when she outlasted Nick and Kieran in a physically demanding challenge. But she’s as mouthy, feisty and argumentative as she is competitive, which could well be her downfall.

Some of the best Big Brother housemates have had motormouths. Why not bring back one of the show’s biggest villains? Hated by her fellow competitors for her razor tongue and reviled by the public for her bad attitude, BB9’s South East London it-girl Charley would be a perfect addition to the house. Bring on the arguments!


Kieran has grown into a savant during his time in the house. He’s so full of life advice that a follow up Little Book of Kieran Wisdom must be on the cards after his potential eviction.

It would be a crying shame to deny the housemates of such wisdom if Kieran gets the boot. So we’d recommend replacing him with another inspirational housemate: BB5’s Michelle. Yes, the same Michelle who watched over her ‘chicken’ Stuart like a hawk. Why? Two words: Pie Jesu. If Michelle can rouse this year’s batch of housemates with her inspirational singing talents, we’re more than on board.

Nobody knows who’s going to be evicted (and who’s going to enter) tonight, but one thing’s for certain: it’s going to be amazing TV. Bring it on. Tweet us what you want to see happen @FreeviewTV.

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