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Trick or TV? The spine-tingling shows for those staying in this Halloween

Posted October 31, 2014 - Blog Posts

Don’t fancy braving the masses of terrifying trick-or-treaters on the streets this Halloween? No bother, stay inside and cower behind the cushions as we have plenty of Halloween horrors and spooktacular specials to keep your knees knocking this Hallow′s Eve.

Now, because there′s so much great TV on offer at Freeview, we′re giving you a little taster of what′s on tonight. Feel free to pick and mix from our selection of hair-raising Halloween TV below:

Your ghost tour through the TV guide could start with Casper on ITV2 at 7pm where a paranormal expert decides to bring his daughter to a haunted Whipstaff Manor where the "friendly ghost" and his three delightful uncles – Stretch, Fatso, and Stinkie await.

Not your cup of tea? Why not give Hocus Pocus a try on Film4 at 7.05pm. This 1993 American horror comedy sees three witch sisters (one played by Sarah Jessica Parker) inadvertently resurrected in Salem Massachusetts on Halloween night. Looking to steal the life force of young, unsuspecting children, it′s up to a cynical teenager, his little sister and a black cat to put a stop to their wicked ways.

Hopping back over to ITV2, your tour could continue with our wonderfully entertaining lad from Essex as he faces his fears in a Halloween special of Educating Joey Essex: Reem Halloween at 9pm. Swapping the bars of Brentwood for the spine-chilling secrets of the Welsh countryside, Joey must survive an overnight stay in one of Wales′ most haunted pubs, castles and former war-time hospitals. He also runs into a practising pagan witch who, to Joey’s disappointment, is unable to impress with a flying broomstick.

Alternatively, you could dig out the black leather and lippy, apply the eye-shadow and tune in to Goth at the BBC on BBC Four at 10pm. This documentary turns back the dial as the BBC delves into the archives in a celebratory tribute to Goth Rock, unearthing classic performances from the likes of The Cure, Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode. What’s really scary is that people actually try to dress like them…

Now, if you weren′t scared already (by our friendly ghost or Joey’s short IQ) then this one will definitely deliver. For a change of pace, why not try the terrifying 1982 classic Poltergeist, on Channel 5 at 11.55pm, co-written and produced by Steven Spielberg. It′s absolutely chilling. Evil spirits enter the home of a typical, suburban Californian family through their possessed television set. "They’re here…"

Now, to really take your ticker through its paces there’s the truly horrifying experience that is Paranormal Activity on ITV at 11.10pm. If you’ve watched this and can still sleep at night without the light on, you’re a liar. This small budget, Blair Witch-esque horror follows a young couple who suspect that their new home is haunted by a night-going demonic presence. Setting up video surveillance to capture the being’s movements, you’ll be horrified by what they witness. The age-old tactic of pulling the covers over your head may not work with this one – so viewers beware!

That’s the end of our tour but the spooky fun doesn’t have to end here. Why not tell us: what you will be watching this Halloween? Tweet us at @FreeviewTV.

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