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Posted July 2, 2015 - Blog Posts

Going undercover might be cheap (you can get a fake moustache down your local joke shop for a couple of quid), but it’s not easy. Just ask traffic cop Chris who, in Dave’s new original scripted comedy Undercover, finds himself out of depth when he’s tasked with infiltrating a scarier-than-the-Mitchells crime family.

Chris, you’re not alone. The art of going undercover is one that many people have tried, and failed, to master over the last few decades. Let’s learn from their mistakes.

Mistake #1: An unconvincing disguise

Undercover Boss has many virtues. The boss gets to improve their company, the employees get a nice bonus and we all cry when somebody who really deserves a break gets the money they need to make their dreams come true. Their makeovers?… not so much.

â��ADTâ� â�� Tony Wells, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer for The ADT Corporation, a leading provider of home security, goes on an undercover journey on UNDERCOVER BOSS, Friday, April 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: �©Studio Lambert 2013 All Rights Reserved.

If you’re going to go undercover, it’s important to adopt a different look. Disappointingly, that involves doing a little bit more than slapping on that joke store moustache. Sorry about that, Undercover Boss.

Learn from a master of disguise – Murder, She Wrote’s angel of death Jessica Fletcher. Her turn as an undercover floozy is a world away from her normal dowdy wardrobe. Watch and learn, future undercover detectives. Watch and learn.

Mistake #2: Going too far

As an undercover cop, you will be expected to test boundaries. To push the group that you’re infiltrating to disclose information, give up their dastardly ways or turn against each other. It’s not easy, and sometimes you need to make bold moves. However, these moves shouldn’t be too bold. You don’t want to lose their trust. So think twice if you’re tasked with pulling off an undercover mission like this one:

If that prankster had been trying to gain Paris Hilton’s trust, it would have been game over.

Mistake #3: Don’t get too close

Cast your mind back to 2002 and the curious case of Eastenders’ Kate Mitchell. She was employed to go undercover with Phil Mitchell, trying to nail him for murdering Lisa Fowler. After she ended up falling in love with him and marrying him, it’s safe to say that she probably misunderstood the assignment. And got fired.

Kate didn’t only get too close to Phil Mitchell. Oh no. She also got too close to her best friend’s husband. Not the savviest sort, our Kate.

Mistake #4: Don’t think too much

Paranoia can be a killer. Just watch this clip of Kumal from BB6 – if he’s this worried about somebody being a mole, think how bad he would be undercover.

Mistake #5: Don’t trick anyone you love

If you take anything away from Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, it’s that people you love don’t like finding out that they’ve been lied too. Stick to being undercover in neutral territory.

Undercover on Dave is now three episodes in, so there’s plenty of time for Chris to turn his act around. So long as he follows our advice on what not to do, we’re fully confident that he’ll be fine.

We sat down with Daniel Rigby and Sarah Alexander, stars of Undercover, to talk about the show recently. Watch what they had to say here.

Undercover airs Tuesdays on Dave.

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